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Bob Barkar is alive, Wiki, Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Net Worth

Bob Barkar is alive

Bob Barkar is alive:- The “price is right” star is still alive. the game show host has always been funny and alive. He played a quirky parody of himself in the 1996 Adam Sandler movie. he has been campaigning actively against animal cruelty and has been very vocal about issues he connects to.

Bob Barker is probably the longest-running game show host on earth. first, he hosted Truth or Consequences for two decades then he took charge as a host on “price is right” for close to 35 years. he has spent 55 years of his life hosting on television.

“It never entered my mind that I would do ‘Price Is Right’ longer than ‘Truth or Consequences,’”  “It never entered my mind I would do anything longer. It never entered my mind I would even live longer.” barker shared this thought in  1990 to LA times.

Barker has 19 Emmy awards to his name including 5-day-time Emmy awards. His contribution to the success of the show is immense. more than three decades. Barker credits the success of the show to its format and not himself.

“It is still popular because of the powerful basic premise of the show–everything is based on prices,” Barker told the Los Angeles Times. “Everyone identifies with prices. The minute we put something up for bid and the contestant makes a bid, the viewer is involved. Once you become involved, we have accomplished what the producer of every game show wants—viewer involvement. ‘The Price Is Right’ has that.”

Bob Barkar is alive, Wiki, Bio, Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, Net Worth

barker used hair color for the first 15 years of the show and didn’t want to be seen aged but he went on a vacation and thought it is time to let his salt and pepper look be seen on television.

“I went on vacation and I just let it go,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “When I came home the people on the show said, ‘You look better this way than you do with it dyed or tinted. Why don’t you leave it this way?’”

Unfortunately, because the episodes were filmed weeks before they aired, this meant the unveiling of his grey hair was quite sudden, which startled some viewers. “We taped ahead,” Barker explained. “So let’s say on the Wednesday show I had dark hair, but when we taped the next show I had gray hair and that show aired on Thursday. I got a letter from a fellow who said, ‘Bob, you must have had one hell of a night.’”

Bob barkar is a PETA activist and an animal rights activist.

Barker is following a vegetarian, non-vegan diet for over four decades.

“I am a staunch believer in it,” he told the Vegetarian Times in 2012. “I became a vegetarian out of concern for animals, and I was a vegetarian for a very long time before I realized that many people become vegetarians out of concern for their health. I think they are absolutely right. I think it is the healthiest way to live.”

barker has been a fitness enthusiast and works out regularly. “I was able to [work] until I was 83 for two reasons: 1. being a vegetarian 2. working out regularly,” barker added “The answer to enjoying life is nutrition. I recommend that you become a vegetarian and exercise if you want to enjoy the golden years”.

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