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BOBBY O’JAY Cause of Death, Obituary, Passed Away, Age

BOBBY O'JAY Cause of Death, Obituary, Passed Away, Age

Bobby O’Jay was a native of Batesville in Mississippi, and he was the youngest of all nine children in his family. His career boosted speedily after age, and with time he became WDIA director. He gradually builds a relationship and a reputation with his frank discussion of the important issues.

Bobby was born on August 8 the year 1953, in Batesville, Mississippi. He starts his journey with the Montgomery industry, Alabama. Later O’Jay gave his 40 years to WDIA 1070 AM starting in the year 1983, running the show long to morning. In 2018 he was honored for the greatness of his work with induction to the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame. In the later year 2021, he entered the Tennessee Hall of Fame.

He made himself famous enough to earn a nickname as “The kings of Memphis Radio “. He made his sufficient life popular to make missing him after his death. Furthermore, he was popular in the way he used to discuss the topic he was being given and how he dealt with all these, showing facts and consequences of it.


Who was BOBBY O’JAY? (Wiki, Age, Death)

The community of Memphis is expressing grief as a long-time radio personality Bobby O’Jay died. The host of radio BEV Johnson confirmed his death; when the radio station opened at 9 am, it was playing music only. On Tuesday, Bobby O’Jay died on May 3, 2022, when he was 68. The records say that he died while working, and the death was sudden. The cause of death is still not revealed.

Many social mediators show sadness towards him; fans seem quite heartbroken they post the videos and photos of him, and also many others tweet for him showing the love they have for him. However, when they opened the radio station and listened to his voice, it sounded like a picture of health.

Who is BOBBY O JAY Wife?

A talk show host Bobby O’Jay revealed about his wife named Sharon on-air at WDIA, the working home of Bobby O Jay.  He once said that Sharon, his wife used to give him sound advice. They were both supportive of each other. She is known to be the better half personality of Bobby O Jay. Friends and family who spend time with both of them express that they feel like Sharon was part of the radio station, and they take her as an opportunity to get to know more about her.

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