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Who Is Boombl4cs’s Wife? Know about him and his wife

Who Is Boombl4cs’s Wife

Boombl4cs said that he and his wife Angelika Mikhailova, nicknamed Lika Liqueen, have been separated. He informed his adoring friends and followers of the news via his Twitter account.

Boombl4cs and his wife, who are they?

Boombl4cs is a Russian Counter-strike and former Navy Captain. Angelika Mikhailova, nicknamed Lika Liqueen, a well-known Russian actress, is the woman he married. Mr. Boombl4cs proposed to Miss Angelika for the first time after Navi won the PGL major at the moment, and she accepted his love proposal. They married shortly after that.

About Boombl4cs’ wife

Angelika was born and raised in Russia, in the household of a physician. She too followed in her family’s footsteps and graduated from Russia’s prestigious Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. She posted a photo of herself clutching her graduation cap on Instagram on her last day of graduation.

Angelika is a fashionable doctor and the mother of a six-year-old son. She believes that mental labor helps people forget about their previous lives and maintains mental clarity till they die. However, after completing her education, Angelika chose a profession and career in modeling, and she then began her acting career.

Reason for Boombl4cs and his wife’s separation

The cause for the couple’s split is unclear, and neither of them is open about why they made this decision. However, when Boombl4cs announced his divorce from Lika Liqueen, he claimed that she was blackmailing him with images and videos that showed Mr. Boombl4cs doing drugs. Boombl4cs were seen consuming the white powder in a video published by Lika Liqueen on her Telegram channel. She also said he was a complete drug addict who had cheated on her numerous times.

They are divorcing just five months after getting married, which is incredibly disappointing news for their fans and admirers. Lika Liqueen also revealed that she had planned to file for divorce against him on April 21, but that she was unable to do so due to a technical difficulty.

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