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Boruto’s Next Major Mission Got Teased By Naruto In The Promotional Video

Boruto's Next Major Mission Got Teased By Naruto

According to, while Hidden Leaf Village’s Team 7 is the major character in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto, Konoha is made up of many other ninja teams. The next episode of the show will focus on a new squad of teenage ninjas on a whole new assignment, as the television series decides to diverge from the events of the manga, which finds the company and Boruto fighting against the rogue ninja Code.


Source: YouTube

The Next Episode: Spoiler

The next episode of the anime will ostensibly follow the exploits of Team 5, which now consists of Metal Lee, Denki, and Iwabe. Metal Lee has taken the place, recognition of his father, Rock Lee by taking on his appearance. Although the former two members have more original designs than several other characters.

It will be fascinating to see whether this next arc manages to show off more of his abilities via the anime-only storey after deciding to embark on his journey as a ninja, learning the techniques and tactics, both Might Guy, his father’s master and father.

Following the recent round of the Chunin Exams, Twitter user Abdul S17 provided a new photo from the next episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, offering us a new look at Team 5, who is poised to assume the main role in the forthcoming adventure, which will give us the first mission of Denki as a Chunin:


Source: Twitter

Manga Edition

These stories were never told in the manga. One of the advantages of the anime series departing from its source material is that fans will be able to learn more about the lives of Konoha’s ninjas. Fans will learn something they might not have learned about otherwise. Team 7 fans and followers may not have to wait for a longer period to get back into their life, as the new beginning shows the original trio, joined by Kawaki, attempting to save Boruto’s sister from a devious new foe.

Are you looking forward to reliving Team 5’s adventures? What more Konoha characters would you like to see in the next generation anime of Boruto: Naruto? Please feel free to discuss everything anime and comics-related, as well as the universe of the Hidden Leaf Village, in the comments section.

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