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Brad Raffensperger son of politician Brenton Raffensperger died of overdose?

Brad Raffensperger son of politician Brenton Raffensperger died of overdose?

Brad Raffensperger son of politician Brenton Raffensperger passed away from a fentanyl overdose. He died at the young age of 38 and left his family in pain and grief.

Who is Brenton Raffensperger?

Brenton Raffensperger is the secretary of the State of Georgia. Brenton was a former representative of Georgia House for the 50th district. Bred was also appointed  29th secretary of state of Georgia by Robyn Crittenden . he lived with his family in Johns Creek, Georgia, United States. 

Reason of death Brad Raffensperger Son Brenton Raffensperger?

Brenton inhaled impactful opioids and other anesthesia medicine. It is not verified whether it was intentional or accidental. there is speculation that Brenton was a substance user. the overdose took his life.

Brad may have used fentanyl as a pleasure drug. There is a possibility he took an overdose of fentanyl with a mix of heroin and cocaine that his body couldn’t handle and he couldn’t survive.

Raffensperger’s mother was fearful of speaking to the media because they could manipulate her words and create controversy around her son’s death.

Brad Raffensperger son of politician Brenton Raffensperger died

She went through an extremely painful situation and media drama could cause her to relive that tragedy.

Brad died in 2018, even after 4 years of his death the mystery hasn’t been solved yet.

Brenton was unmarried or at least to the media’s knowledge he kept his relationship secret. Raffensperger’s family despite being politicians always maintained a distance from social media and the limelight.

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