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Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter for 4 mystery books brings $15M up on the first day

Brandon Sanderson's Kickstarter

He unobtrusively composed four entire books in the beyond two years.

Dream and sci-fi creator Brandon Sanderson has turned into a commonly recognized name because of his productive result, and he’s been extremely occupied of late. On Tuesday, Sanderson sent off a Kickstarter to gather pledges for four mystery books that he subtly composed throughout recent years. The mission “Shock! Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson,” run by his parent organization Dragonsteel Entertainment, got more than $15 million on its first day. It is well headed to breaking raising support records on the stage.

The mysterious books don’t yet have names – the Kickstarter incorporates a mockup picture, where the books are named “Secret Project #1,” “Secret Project #2, etc. They’re each full length, with three in his current Cosmere setting, and one that is “totally unique,” Sanderson says, in the Kickstarter lobby’s initial video.

Mockup pictures of four Brandon Sanderson books will be Kickstarter prizes to support the mission.

A mockup of the four mystery books. Plans are not last, as per the Kickstarter lobby. Picture: Steve Argyle, Howard Lyon, and Geoff Shupe/Dragonsteel Entertainment through Kickstarter

The individuals who back the Kickstarter will get one new book for each quarter in 2023 in their preferred organization. There are likewise reward levels that permit sponsors to pursue eight membership boxes with loot themed around Sanderson’s current universes or ideas.

In the Kickstarter video, Sanderson says the venture began as a mystery gift to his significant other, however before long formed into something else, helping him to remember the beginning of his composing profession when he “could compose whatever [he] needed, when [he] needed.” He credits the time he saved not going during the COVID-19 pandemic with giving him the additional adaptability to compose while taking note of “life has been extreme recently.” He alludes to these mysterious books as a “silver lining,” in the troublesome beyond two years.

On Tuesday, Sanderson likewise posted a more extended YouTuber video “Now is the right time to Come Clean” to his record, where he gives significantly more insights regarding the task. The amusing video incorporates a few whiteboards itemizing the task course of events.

Throughout his profession, Sanderson has written various series and made fantastical universes, outstandingly Mistborn and The Stormlight Archive (both set in the Cosmere universe), and completed Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. He has additionally written various series focused on more youthful crowds. This isn’t Sanderson’s first Kickstarter: In 2021 Dragonsteel Entertainment ran an effective mission, raising support $6,788,517 to finance a tenth commemoration leatherbound release of his The Way of Kings.

“I’ve generally adored astounding you with a novel, new thing, something surprising,” Sanderson says in the new mission’s video. “I needed to take my perusers to the farthest reaches of my creative mind to be continually offering some inconceivable, yet startling, experience. It’s something I’ve needed to do all through my vocation.”

“Shock! Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson” will run until March 31, 2022, 7 p.m. EDT

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