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Brett Tuggle Keyboardist has passed away

Brett Tuggle

Brett was an unknown music legend like many others. He had  in-depth conversations with many interviewers. Brett wasn’t a popular musician among the common masses but the industry appreciated his talents.

keyboardist Brett Tuggle was called by Mike Fleetwood. this is how their call went.

“I called him from the airport and he said, ‘Brett, we’re getting the Big Five [Fleetwood Mac members] back together,’” Tuggle said. “‘We’re going to be adding some great musicians to the band, and you’ll be delighted with Christine [McVie].

He was in Europe with steve Toto when this incident happened.

Fleetwood was so impressed by Brett that he was offered a contract for the next two decades for each Fleetwood mac tour. He was also offered Solo tours from Stevie nicks and also had individual projects from Buckingham vice.

Brett worked with many industry legends such as Rick Springfield, Coverdale-Page, John Kay, and Steppenwolf. Mitch Ryder and Detroit Wheels, Tommy Shaw, Belinda Carlisle also shared stage with Brett.

Brett was a founding member of Band favid lee Roth. He helped create ” just like paradise” a hit from the band.

he was fired in by Fleetwood mac and Lindsay Buckingham  was fired too. he gave many interviews at that time 

Brett Tuggle

Brett Tuggle

Brett Tuggle time in Qurantine:

“The best I can do not to do the show is weird. It’s strange to be on the sidelines for so long. But you just adapt. In all of our careers as musicians, there have been times of festivals or famines. I’m really doing other things, some music and writing. I try to work on my own projects and have meetings at home where I put my keyboard on someone else’s track.”

“Back then, it was all about being heard on the radio. I distinctly remember being shocked when I heard Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” on the radio. I thought, “What the hell is that guitar? And that sound? Shit.”

I grew up in Denver. Like the rest of the country, we were drawn to the surf scene. The Beach Boys had a huge impact on junior high. I got into a harmonious thing with them. Like everyone else, I watched The Beatles on TV, but it was never the same.”

Brett died in presence of his family at his home. He had a normal death

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