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Brian Bruno Majola passes away

Brian "Bruno" Majola passes away

Rhythm City faces Brian Bruno Majola passes away

Brian “Bruno” was a popular star and He was also Kwaito. Brian “Bruno” has died unexpectedly. Buran Majola was young and very popular. There has been the number of deaths among young people including celebrities and actors has increased exponentially.

One of the working actors Zola Hashatsi was found in extreme pain when it was confirmed the news of their death. There is no official statement as of yet. 

 The actor shares a heartfelt post about the late Brian Bruno Majola

“Angikho grand. How dare you Bruno Jamshack #RIPBruno I am heartbroken and in tears. Angeke bafwethu,” he wrote.

The Death of the star was sudden and there are no clear reasons yet given by his family and close friends of Brian. Brain made a name with the role of Bongani. His breakout performance on Sope Rhtytam city made him a star. He was also cast in Ekasi stories and Inkaba.

Biography of Brian Bruno Majola on the Facebook page:

Brian Bruno also wrote a little something about himself on Facebook. Raised by a single parent in Dube, Soweto, without the presence of his father and in search of a father figure, Bruno acted up as most teenagers do.

Brian Bruno chose crime as his outlet for how he felt and what he was going through. His actions resulted in him finding Leeukop prison as his new home in his early teens. Sentence to six years in jail the feisty juvenile found himself spending most of his childhood behind bars.

Brian "Bruno" Majola passes away

Even during his time in jail Brian “Bruno” found it hard to be remorseful at first and would spend time behind bars in isolation. During isolation was where the growing teenager would discover his love for writing and music. At Leeukop prison he joined a group of musicians from inside prison and slowly started his journey toward rehabilitation. Before his release from prison, Bruno had formed a duo with former inmate Fistos and thus Gumshev was born. 

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