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Why did billionaire Kakao Chairman Brian Kim retire in the wake of the Brian Kim Scandal?

Brian Kim Scandal

By. Adnan Ahmad

Brian Kim’s name has been strewn across the internet, and netizens are conversing with the web to learn more about the latest news around him. You’re probably wondering why Si’s name is trending on the internet. So, let us inform you that he is the founder of Kakao Corp. and will be taking a significant stride forward.

Kakao Corp’s chairman announced that he is preparing to resign from the business’s board of directors, citing a series of scandals that have rocked the company in the preceding year. On March 29, a meeting will be held to complete the resignation, which will be confirmed later. The firm source 2019 has Kim in this role. And many of his staff are taken aback by this statement from him.

The corporation’s employees and junior shareholders were so eager to become self-made billionaires in last year’s stick controversy that they were held accountable for poor management ethics. The company’s reputation has been harmed as a result of this revelation. This is no longer an often debated topic among business owners and users on the internet.

“NK will lead the group’s efforts in going ‘Beyond Mobile’ and as even I will work on the ‘Beyond Korea’ global expansion plan after stepping down from the chairman post,” Kim wrote on Twitter.

(NK) Namkoong When, who will be known as the founder’s right-hand man, will be the company’s new CEO. Kim further emphasized that the Beyond Korea initiative is a corporate objective and a response to public demands in South Korea. He will continue to retain the past as the head of the Mirae Initiative Center, a firm dedicated to planning the future of the Kakao Group’s blueprint. He is 56 years old.

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