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Brianna Ghey: 16-Year-Old Trans Girl Killed in UK

Brianna Ghey
Source: Dazed

On the afternoon of February 11th, Brianna Ghey, a sixteen-year-old from the United Kingdom, was fatally stabbed at a park. The transgender TikTok user Ghey had over 31,000 followers and had posted in the hours before her untimely demise.

Two juveniles, both aged 15, have been detained. Although authorities are treating the incident as suspicious since Brianna was a transgender woman, they do not yet consider it a hate crime. The principal of Ghey’s school allegedly declined to comment on reports that Ghey had been tormented at school, but released a statement stating the community was “shocked and profoundly heartbroken” by the news.

Brianna was a cherished little sister, niece, and daughter. She was bigger than life, and she would leave an indelible mark on anybody she encountered “What Ghey’s parents stated in a statement to the press. “Brianna was stunning to look at and amusing to be around. Brianna was a powerful, courageous, and one-of-a-kind individual. There will always be a huge void in our lives because of her tragic death, and we expect the same from her instructors and the friends she had during her short time with us.

Two 15-year-olds have been arrested in connection with the stabbing death of Ghey on February 11.

Even though it was just set up less than 24 hours ago (at the time of this writing), the GoFundMe page set up for the family has already raised almost £26,500, far exceeding its initial target of £4,216. However, activists on both sides of the Atlantic point out that Ghey’s death certificate would be incorrectly recorded based on the UK’s gender identification rules. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that certain British media sources have been incorrectly dead-naming Ghey in their reporting.

Brianna Ghey: a 16-year-old trans girl has been killed in Cheshire | Dazed

Source: Dazed

Shon Faye, author of The Transgender Issue, stated of Ghey’s death through Instagram, “The particular circumstances of her execution are still to become evident but the context – the context is nasty and horrible and wholly the responsibility of the adult world.”

Nadia Whittome, the UK’s youngest MP aged 26, wrote, “Brianna earned a chance to become a beautiful mature woman, and to live to see a society where trans people are safe and valued. Anyone in the media who continues to use Brianna’s name after she has passed away should be embarrassed.

“Utterly devastated over the loss of 16-year-old Brianna Ghey,” the British artist Yungblud wrote on Twitter. Be vigilant in your defence of transgender children and your fervent opposition to the anti-transgender rhetoric and laws being pushed by our vile government.

The transgender community in the United Kingdom and beyond has condemned Ghey’s murder. On Wednesday night, Transgender Action Block in the United Kingdom will be hosting a demonstration outside the London branch of the Department of Education.

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