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British women killed after felling in Benidorm Hillside. What actually took place?

British women killed after felling in Benidorm Hillside. What actually took place?

In the Spanish chill-out place of Benidorm, a British woman died after her mobility scooter fell off a hill or mountain. Let’s see What happened on the Benidorm hillside.

Who is the British woman falling from Benidorm hillside in front of the family?

In front of family members in Benidorm a terrible incident took place, a 58-year-old British woman died after losing balance from an electric scooter and hitting a steep mountain, and being crushed by the mountain. The electric scooter rider in Benidorm, Spain, lost her life after she lost control and hit the bottom of the mountain. She was a 58-year-old British woman.

When did the incident take place?

58-year-old drove the “motorized chair” over the precipice in Benidorm, Spain’s Serra Gelada Natural Park and but it was a tragic day for her when she was out there with her family and she lost her life.

According to Spanish media, the widow was traveling with her eight-year-old grandson.

El Periodico claims that her grandson also suffered injuries in the accident but it seems he is out of danger but there is official confirmation yet.

The child was treated for his injuries and may have been using the rental mobility scooter at the same moment.

According to Spanish media, the scooter was apparently driven off the road and up onto a steep mountain for unknown reasons.

The grandson of the woman is also injured in the incident:

the place where the incident took place is extremely difficult terrain and filled with sharp stones and steep heights and that is why the accident took place.

According to, “the fire brigade was dispatched to the emergency with numerous vehicles, with the primary goal of rescuing the injured victims as swiftly as possible.”

“Upon arrival, the firefighters worked in conjunction with the Benidorm Local Police and SAMU Health Technicians to conduct resuscitation measures on a woman, however, they were unsuccessful.”

“The Brits often lie to us as they do not meet the conditions to get a scooter,” a whistleblower at one company told Olive Press.

“Most of these are young Brits who want to utilize it to go clubbing to evade the cost of a taxi,” a different employee accused

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