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Brittany Kinlow – A girl who was murdered before Graduation

Brittany Kinlow - A girl who was murdered before Graduation

Catastrophes of many types are heard nowadays like sexual assault, theft, smuggling of drugs, and, of course, brutal murder. Murder is done due to various reasons like personal grudges or maybe revenge. Victims of unintentional murder are also high nowadays. 

Catastrophes found nowadays:

According to recent surveys, some people kill each other just for fun. Victims of murder are usually young and older women, older men, and children. Murder cases are found worldwide in different scenarios, with different types of victims and different reasons for murder. Even though murder is recognized as a crime worldwide, the victims’ families rarely get justice as the public justice system may blame it on the lack of solid evidence. Murder is sometimes even judged finally as suicide due to the same reason.

Brittany Kinlow - A girl who was murdered before Graduation

Brittany Kinlow – a recent victim of a cruel murder

One of the most recent victims of a brutal murder is a college student Brittany Kinlow. She was a university student who was due to graduate 1 week later. Brittany was found shot dead just one week before her university graduation. She was a student from Chicago. Police started investigating and suspected it might be suicide because of the lack of clues to the murderer. The family of the 23-year-old Brittany Kinlow states that she was in perfect mental and physical health, and she was no reason to commit suicide. The victim’s family has fully rejected the possibility of her committing suicide. 

Brittany was found dead at Edgewater Apartment, where she was shot once in her head. The case was later declared a homicide by the court as one more victim was discovered. The second victim, named Jovan Cabrera, aged 26, was found dead on the eighth floor of the same building. The real reason for the death of Jovan has not been declared officially by the police. However, the discovery of the second victim reduced the possibility of Brittany committing suicide. The police are actively investigating the case and are expected to catch the murderer within 2 days.

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