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Broken Hill, NSW: Michael McKellar Is Missing Obtain Assistance

Michael McKellar Missing

A man from Broken Hill named Michael McKellar has vanished. To find him, NSW Police are asking for local assistance. Michael, a resident of Broken Hills, was the last saw in the state’s western region on a red dirt bike. He was seen this morning at around 9:00 am at his Broken Hill residence on Newton Street. He is characterised as standing about 6 feet tall, having a slender body, and having brown hair. Contact the NSW Police Department if you know where Michael might be.

Michael McKellar Missing Broken Hill

After failing to return home following a morning ride on his red dirt bike, NSW Police reported Michael McKellar as missing today. McKellar, a 37-year-old man, was last seen on Newton Street at 9 a.m. As time passes and there is no word from him, his family is growing more concerned for his welfare. Short, dark brown hair and a height of 175 cm are described for McKellar. Please get in touch with NSW Police right once if you know anything about Michael McKellar’s location.

Search operation for Michael McKellar

Michael McKellar has been missing since February 27. NSW Police have launched a search operation. The public is being asked for assistance by the police in discovering the missing person.

Bareilly College and crew have been searching for Michael McKellar in the hopes that someone may have information about his location. Please contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-333-TIPS if you have any information. Finding Michael and returning him home safely may depend on your assistance. I appreciate your support.

Michael McKellar Missing Broken Hill, NSW Seek Help

Broken Hill’s Michael McKellar is missing: Please be advised that the NSW Police Department has reported a Broken Hill resident named Michael McKellar as missing. In the meantime, NSW Police officers are enlisting the assistance of the neighbourhood to find Michael McKellar. The Australian city of Broken Hills is the home town of the missing man. He is riding a red dirt bike, the reports state. Additionally, according to someone, he was seen the last time in the state’s western part. Around nine this morning, Michael McKellar, of Newton Street in Broken Hills, was last seen at his residence. You can read about his physical characteristics and private information on this page.

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