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Buster Murdaugh Says He Wasn’t Involved in Gay Student’s Death

Buster Murdaugh Says He Wasn't Involved in Gay Student's Death
Source: NY Post

The son of convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh, Buster Murdaugh, has spoken out for the first time about the killing of his homosexual classmate Stephen Smith, insisting that he had nothing to do with the tragedy.

According to a statement published by Buster Murdaugh on Monday, he denied any connection with Stephen or his murder. It breaks my heart that the Smith family had to go through this, but I can assure you that I had nothing to do with his untimely demise.

While I mourn the horrible killings of my mother and brother, I have attempted to put out of my mind the ugly stories that continue to be disseminated in the media regarding my role in Stephen Smith’s untimely death. I miss them and love them very much,” he continued.

South Carolina’s most distinguished attorney, Alex Murdaugh, was found guilty last month of murdering his wife, Margaret, and their younger son, Paul, in 2021. The older Murdaugh is appealing his life sentence.

Buster Murdaugh has become famous due to stories surrounding him and Smith. John Smith passed away in 2015 at the age of 19. After discovering his corpse on a remote road in South Carolina, authorities originally suspected he had been murdered in a hit-and-run. Yet, “little trace of an accident, increasing suspicions his corpse had been thrown there,” as reported by BuzzFeed. Death was determined to be the result of blunt force trauma.

Smith “had informed his sister that he’d been secretly meeting another young guy whose identification would shock many people in the conservative neighborhood,” BuzzFeed writes. Because of this, speculation has surfaced that he is somehow affiliated with Buster Murdaugh.

Last Monday, Smith’s mom said she was having her son’s remains exhumed so that a third party could do an autopsy. On Monday, one of the mother’s attorneys, Ronnie Richter, was asked about Murdaugh’s remarks during a news conference.

Buster Murdaugh Says He Wasn't Involved in Gay Student's Death

Source: NY Post

The name Buster has not been mentioned once. “This is not about Buster Murdaugh; instead, it’s about Stephen Smith,” Richter reportedly told NBC News. “There’s no point in talking about Buster Murdaugh, and there’s no point in responding to Buster Murdaugh.”

What happened to Buster Murdaugh?

Disgraced lawyer Alex Murdaugh has only one son, and that son is Richard Alexander “Buster” Murdaugh. In November 2022, he was “living a tranquil life with his longtime partner” on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, as reported by Fox News. According to their next-door neighbor, they are “very friendly” and “always smile and say hi.” Miller, the golden retriever puppy the couple shares, seems utterly normal in light of everything else going on.

Because his father tried to get a payoff for him through a bizarre swindle, Buster has been a reluctant participant in this perplexing circus that involves the murder of his mother and brother. Alex Murdaugh, according to The Daily Beast, “phoned police after claiming he had been shot in the head by an unknown truck driver on a remote road” on Labor Day in 2021.

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