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Canadian Professor, doctor & Politician, Dr. Charles Godfrey, passes away at 104

Canadian Professor, doctor & Politician, Dr. Charles Godfrey, passes away at 104

Dr. Charles was a prominent man in Canada who worked in Canada m was born u Durham America.

 Charles Godfray was practicing until he was 102. Dr. Charles was practicing medicine until he was 102. he was one of the oldest medical practitioners during that time. He worked in Ontario. He was about to turn 105 but then he did not.

he was living at his residence currently where he took his last breath. College of Toronto’s college of treatment, Dr. Charles Godfrey was “one of many oldest physicians in North America when he continued to help people with his practice.

 he was giving his services at 4 different hospitals, 4 days a week.

he used to travel to Toronto to give his service.

Dr. Charles Godfrey worked all over the world:

He was also the director of CARE/MEDICO and that allowed him to help a lot more people.

He travel to many war-affected and invaded places to help the people. he visited 20 countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan. He was also facing some issues after 102. a medical nurse was with her to take care of him all the time.

Dr. Charles Godfrey was a member of the Royal Canadian Army Institute (RCMI). he spent 34 years on the post.

He enjoyed life and his colleagues called him  “sprightly” and “mischievous,” 

 Godfrey took birth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 24, 1917.

he was seven months old when his parents moved to Toronto.

Dr. Charles Godfrey’s dad was a physiotherapist and he asked his son to go for medicine. He also worked in the Canadian Navy for 5 and a half years after the second world atrocious war.

Canadian Professor, doctor & Politician, Dr. Charles Godfrey, passes away at 104

He represented 2 years in Ontario legislature as a member of the Ontario New Democratic Get together.his most memorable work was when he took on the protests in which he asked to solve worldwide airport issues. federal authorities had to take action and put an order to protect the mission.

Dr. Charles Godfrey Education and early school:

 Dr. Charles Godfrey, College of Toronto College of Drugs after the ferocious world war. was a gentleman who worked as a Janitor to pay for his school fees

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