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‘Cancel Daniela Stranner’ trends on Twitter, here’s the reason why

‘Cancel Daniela Stranner’ trends on Twitter, here’s the reason why
‘Cancel Daniela Stranner’ trends on Twitter, here’s the reason why

Daniela Stranner is a well-known Philippine actress who is known for her work in Love at ‘First Stream’ and ‘Make it With You’ which was released recently in the year 2021 and 2020 respectively.  Daniela Stranner is a newborn artist in the entertainment industry. The actress hails from Germany. Her mother is Filipino whereas her father is German. It is reported that the Filipino-German actress was homeschooled by her parents, as they were stringent.  She dreamt of being a model in her initial stage but later joined Star Magic’s performance studio after the actress caught the attention of the scouts of Star Magic at a music festival. One thing led to another and the dream of being a model also came true when she shot for a local magazine.

Daniela Stranner’s conversation got leaked on Reddit and Twitter which resulted in her being trending.

Nowadays, social media have been an integral part of our lives and everything that happens worldwide gets the attention of every single individual who put their thoughts via their social media handles. The same happened with the actress, whose conversation with her fans got leaked on Reddit and Twitter which caught the attention of the netizens and made them react to the leaked chats which resulted in trending ‘Cancel Daniela Stranner’.

Netizens addressed her as a “backstabber” after her fans trolled her co-artist in the leaked chats.

The conversation got leaked after her former fan left the group, which according to the fan consisted of three close fans and the actress herself. The chat according to the fan showed how the fans are trolling and spreading toxicity about a co-actor of the actress who is very well-known to her. The netizens now demand an answer to the leaked chats and trends of the hashtag as they are of the opinion that the actress has given permission to her fans to troll her co-artist. According to the leaked conversations the actress is known to insult ‘DonBelle’ where she trolled her co-actor stating them as unskilled and weirdo.

The former fan had tweeted, “Hello Guys. I’m Joira, one of the former fans of Daniela Stranner and a former member of Dazzlers, also one of her sponsors. Recently I decided to leave for good, I just want to educate Daniela and her 2 admins. KUNG KELANGAN KO IEXPOSE LAHAT NG BAHO.”

However, no official statement by the actress herself has been released till now.

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