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Cape Town – Joe Slovo Fire video gets leaked and viral on social media, watch now

Cape Town - Joe Slovo Fire video gets leaked and viral on social media, watch now
Cape Town - Joe Slovo Fire video gets leaked and viral on social media, watch now

A surprising piece of news is making the rounds in the media, straight from Cape Town, and it has piqued the interest of many. The news reports about a fire in Langa, Capetown, that has burned multiple residences. The news of the fire has also gone viral on the internet, garnering a lot of attention on social media sites. Many online users have expressed their concern for the city’s residents in response to the news.

About the Joe Slovo Fire video:

According to accounts, a large fire broke out in the city of Cape Town, engulfing numerous homes. The Langa fire is currently out of control, according to authorities. Langa has already activated the city of Cape Town’s full disaster and rescue management teams. Early Saturday evening, a fire broke out in the Joe Slovo official settlement of Lange. In a matter of minutes, the fire had engulfed many shacks and was rapidly spreading.

A total of 12 fire engines are already on the scene, according to Zahid Badrooidien, a member of the city of Cape Town Mayoral Committee for Water and Sanitation. Aside from that, four water tankers are helping to put out the fire. Law enforcement and traffic services are currently in the area, aiding firefighters in their efforts to save lives and property. At 8 p.m. on Saturday, Badroodien claimed the fire was still out of control. There has yet to be any public information released concerning the fire.

Joe Slovo Fire video gets leaked

Joe Slovo Fire video gets leaked

When was the fire reported and how many people died because of the fire?

The fire was reported to City Fire and Rescue Services at approximately 6 p.m. More than 100 structures were destroyed, according to the humanitarian organization Gift of the Givers. According to sources, the rescue team recovered 20 buried bodies. The search for the bodies is now underway. Many details are yet unknown. Officials added that they will offer an update on the progress of the rescue crews as soon as feasible. As soon as we have further information regarding the fire, we will inform you.

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