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Carlnell Walker, a Morehouse college student, was murdered and tortured to death

Carlnell Walker

Morehouse College, a famous evidently Black college in Atlanta, is known for its education and for grooming reputable “Morehouse Men.” However, the university was tied to a gruesome inhumane crime in the summertime of 2006, which left one of its own murdered and shocked the school to its foundation. The incident started with a telephone conversation from Carnell Walker’s worried mother, a 23-year-old undergraduate with a lovable character and a passion for sports. He’d been missing for further than twelve days, so cops conducted a security check at his off-campus house on July 8, 2006. The house was in shambles, with evident traces of a fight. Bloodshed was everywhere and bloody bootprints were discovered in many locations. Cornell’s horribly decomposing corpse was discovered in the vehicle by detectives in his garage. 

Who was Carlnell Walker? How did Carlnell Walker die?

Carlnell Walker’s brother and a Morehouse College colleague recall him as an active, vibrant guy with ambitions to launch his record company – ambitions he would never realize due to the nature of the crime that took away his life. As per his brother, Carlnell was a kind man with a helpful personality towards all, to think such a thing could happen to someone this nice is a tragedy. Carlnell was killed nearly three weeks prior to when his corpse was discovered, according to a postmortem report. He’d been slashed in the wrists and thighs, and he’d been tied. He showed evidence of head trauma, which might have been caused by a sledgehammer found at the murder site. When Carlnell was shoved inside his automobile, he was still breathing. According to the postmortem report, hypothermia — or heat stroke — induced by confinement within a vehicle trunk had been the official explanation behind his death.

Who killed Carlnell Walker?

When a Morehouse College cafeteria employee claimed that a classmate, Breylon Garland, allegedly informed him that he watched Carlnell’s death and torture, police received a breakthrough in the investigation. Just before the murder, Breylon said he went to Carlnell and met Keith Roberts and Miles Allen, two other Morehouse classmates, as well as a young person he only addressed as Rahim. Carlnell arrived, and they awaited within his home in the dark. He was ambushed as soon as he did arrive. According to Garland, the three students tortured Carlnell by questioning him about the cash he had lately acquired as a result of an insurance payout. They assaulted Carlnell all night long till he begged for his life and then put him in the trunk of his car where he died. Breylon Garland was apprehended right there and then. Police rushed to apprehend the remaining criminals. Miles Allen informed authorities that Roberts handled all the judgments that night and directed everyone on what to do. Roberts refused to comply after being apprehended by US Sheriffs. According to cops, Theodore Holliman, also known as Rahim Muhammad, was detained in Chicago and returned to Atlanta. Homicide, aggravated battery, abduction, and theft were all charges against the four guys individually. Miles Allen, aged 24, and Theodore Holliman, aged 33, were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment after a month-long prosecution.

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