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Casey Leichsenring Cause of Death and Obituary

Casey Leichsenring Cause of Death

Casey Leichsenring Cause of Death and Obituary: According to the latest news and social media reports, it has been learned that Augusta college student Casey Leichsenring died at 27 Januari 2024 at the age of 18. His family and friends are very sad because of his death. The senses of his family are being expressed by Augustana College and mourning the death of Casey Leichsenring. In this article, we have discussed in detail all the things related to Casey Leichsenring Cause of Death.

How did Casey Leichsenring Die? What Happened to Casey Leichsenring?

Casey Leichsenring Cause of Death

Casey Leichsenring was 18 years old. He was born on 12 August 2005 in Arlington Heights, Illinois. His parents were named Jessica Giurato (Ni Frank) and Jessie Leachsnerring. He was a student of Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. He also participated in the Augustana symphonic band, marching band, Jazz Band and Augustana Jazz Ensambal. He was fond of playing guitars and drums. He completed his schooling from John Harsi High School. But recently, on 27 Januari 2024, Casey Leichsenring died at the age of 18. Due to his death, his family is completely broken and is very deeply shocked. His friends are also very sad due to his death. The people of the community and by Augustana College are mourning his death and God is being prayed to get peace from God.

After his death, Nicole Frank and Jessica Frank launched a money accumulation scheme on Gofundme. So far they have raised $ 10,327 USD.

Nicole Frank said through the post on the gofundme page that our brilliant, bright, smart, and funny casey left this world this morning, January 27th. Casey will be greatly missed by all who knew them.

Any Donations to Help With Funeral Services at this time would be great appreciated.

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