Eight Reasons to Watch “Luther” (Spoilers)

Actor Idris Elba stars at the center of the hard-hitting BBC drama, Luther. Bearing the namesake of its main character, the show centers around the life of DCI John Luther as he struggles to reign in his own demons while ridding London streets of dangerous criminals. His unorthodox, sometimes violent methods of doling out justice earns him the scrutiny of his colleagues. Luther walks a … Continue reading Eight Reasons to Watch “Luther” (Spoilers)

“Hitorijime My Hero” BL Anime Announced

Love is in the air this summer because another Boys Love anime is coming to the ranks. “Hitorijime My Hero” is a manga that is currently being drawn and written by manga artist and creator Memeco Arii. The story follows the unwittingly incompetent delinquent Masahiro Setagawa who catches feelings highs chool teacher and former delinquent Kōsuke Ōshiba. This manga is originally a spinoff to Arii’s … Continue reading “Hitorijime My Hero” BL Anime Announced

DEAN x Club Eskimo Slays at Dallas Concert [Guest]

The line wrapped around the building with excited fans ready for a night of more than just K-pop.

Brought to us by The Yoo Group and Transparent Agency, DEAN and his fellow Club Eskimo crew members MISO, offonoff and 2XXX! make their third stop in Dallas to perform at Gas Monkey Live. This is Club Eskimo’s first American tour, but it didn’t show at all. Everyone was oozing with charisma and charm. Seeing them live was most definitely a treat for the eyes and ears. Continue reading DEAN x Club Eskimo Slays at Dallas Concert [Guest]

K-Indie Song Review: The Black Skirts – ‘Ariel’ (Covered by ideadead)

SoundCloud artist “ideadead” creates the musical version of a rainy day by covering The Black Skirts with song “Ariel.” Breaking into the music scene can’t be an easy task. For Korean indie artists, building a following can be especially difficult in a market dominated by K-pop and K-hip-hop superstars. However, this acoustic cover and its original are certainly worth listening to. ideadead’s cover begins with … Continue reading K-Indie Song Review: The Black Skirts – ‘Ariel’ (Covered by ideadead)

“In a Heartbeat”: All the Feels Included ❤

How can one say no to such adorable feelings in an animated film? Realistically speaking throughout the years there hasn’t been many animated films expressing a boy’s love theme let alone a CG animated one. Beth David and Esteban Bravo sought to change that. Together they decided to create the animated short film, “In a Heartbeat.” The plot involves a middle school by named Sherwin who has … Continue reading “In a Heartbeat”: All the Feels Included ❤

TEN – ‘Dream in a Dream’ MV Review (and Comments)

TEN of NCT U broke out with his solo “Dream in a Dream” on April 6, and the music video is decidedly a visual feast from start to finish. SMTown’s YouTube channel describes the work as “Oriental sounds that harmonize with TEN’s dreamy vocals“ featuring “lyrics [that] search [for] the meaning of true love at the border line between dream and reality.” “Dream in a Dream” opens with TEN, clothed … Continue reading TEN – ‘Dream in a Dream’ MV Review (and Comments)

Games To Play: Mystic Messenger

In 2016, mobile gamers were introduced to the visual novel Mystic Messenger. Created by the Korean company Cheritz, Mystic Messenger allows you to play as a young woman who unknowingly stumbles upon a chatroom and you are pulled into a world of party planning, deeply rooted characters, and complex storytelling. Take a look at the list of characters you will interact with! Jumin Han is … Continue reading Games To Play: Mystic Messenger

4 Gaming YouTubers You Should Be Watching

When one thinks of YouTube gaming, Markiplier and PewDiePie immediately come to mind due to their immense popularity.  Both provide well-rounded entertainment, but there are many, many other YouTubers who also deserve recognition. It’s time to branch out and see what the gaming community has to offer. Ready to meet four YouTubers who will satisfy all of your gaming needs? If you like profanity, “Mario Kart” and random, on the spot rapping, … Continue reading 4 Gaming YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Mass Effect: Andromeda Two Months Later

It has been two months since the release of BioWare’s highly anticipated game, Mass Effect: Andromeda. The hype leading up to the release of the spin-off of the original Mass Effect trilogy has attracted both veteran gamers and those who are new to the franchise or new to gaming as a whole. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a continuation of the immensely popular and successful Mass Effect … Continue reading Mass Effect: Andromeda Two Months Later