EXO-CBX (엑소-첸백시)

EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Days”: Vroom Vroom

Oh yes, it’s Friday night, and the feeling’s right! Track number five on EXO-CBX‘s mini album, “Vroom Vroom” is full of every excited sensation accompanying a Friday night date. Everything about this song screams jamming in the car. The heavy drum kick brings back the funky feel of “Blooming Day,” while the synths are callbacks to “Sweet Dreams!” Imagine the tension of a first date. … Continue reading EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Days”: Vroom Vroom

EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Thursday’

On to the next chapter! So far, EXO CBX showed off their funky sides with “Blooming Day” and “Sweet Dreams!” and coaxed us out of a sleepy fog with “Monday Blues.” Now, get ready for a slower, sexier vibe. “Thursday” is the sultry R&B ballad of the mini album. Each member shows off their unique vocal color and range, their voices layered over a simple … Continue reading EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Thursday’

EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Sweet Dreams!’

Welcome back! Continuing our lovely “Blooming Days” love story, on a Wednesday we’re whisked off to the ’80s, a decade defined by its many young adult angst and romance films. “Sweet Dreams” fits right in with its synth-heavy dance instrumental oozing all the anticipation of a first date. “At night when everyone’s asleep, I’m busy alone in front of the mirror. The clothes I picked … Continue reading EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Sweet Dreams!’

EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Blooming Day’

The title track for the mini album is in an entirely different groove from “Monday Blues.” After seeing you every day on the commute, and a few coffee and movie dates, EXO-CBX ask the important question: “So baby, can I be your boyfriend?” Who can say no to faces like those and this funky beat? A kick drum drives the track, keeping it in a … Continue reading EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Blooming Day’

EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Monday Blues’

What better way to get through the week than with awesome music. EXO‘s dynamic trio CBX —Kim Jongdae (CHEN), Byun Baekhyun and Kim Minseok (XIUMIN) — is back with seven new songs. That’s right, one for each day if the week. In the spirit of the album concept, this review will follow suit, starting with their first track, “Monday Blues.” Waking up on Monday is … Continue reading EXO CBX’s ‘Blooming Days’: ‘Monday Blues’

K-pop boy band Wanna One prepare for worldwide concert tour Sticky post

Wanna One To Officially Tour The U.S.

“Produce 101 Season 2” winners Wanna One are having a world tour and the U.S. made the list! Powerhouse Entertainment recently made the announcement via social media and their website for ONE: THE WORLD TOUR, just weeks after announcing the U.S. leg of senior group MONSTA X‘s tour.   The CJE&M-created group, co-promoted with YMC Entertainment, debuted Aug. 7, 2017, and is widely identifiable due to promotions … Continue reading Wanna One To Officially Tour The U.S.

Director Matthew A. Cherry Reaches Out to Monsta X on Twitter

On March 8, former NFL player turned film director Matthew A. Cherry tweeted his interest to collaborate with Monsta X on a music video, attaching his latest work from Disney‘s “A Wrinkle in Time.” Dear @OfficialMonstaX & my #Monbebe fam. Let’s collab on a music video. Here’s my latest from the Wrinkle In Time Soundtrack. pic.twitter.com/aCbxzekXMv — Matthew T'Cherry (@MatthewACherry) March 12, 2018 Cherry stumbled … Continue reading Director Matthew A. Cherry Reaches Out to Monsta X on Twitter

Former Leader, Vocalist, and Lead Dancer of Korean pop boy band 100%

100% Lead Singer Seo Min Woo Dead At 33

On March 25 it was TOP Media reported that Seo Min Woo, lead vocalist of K-pop boy band 100%, was found dead in his home due to cardiac arrest in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. The entertainer was 33 years old. “Min Woo-kun was the eldest brother of the team, and he has been leading the members well and has many friends who really love the members and … Continue reading 100% Lead Singer Seo Min Woo Dead At 33

YouTube “K-Pop Apocolypse” Is Passive-Aggressive Corporate Dealings [Opinion]

After watching various K-pop content creators and music video (MV) reactors comment on social media that their YouTube channels had been hit with copyright strikes or removal from the video-sharing website, I began a process of gathering information to share with my audience and others. On March 5, I took to my YouTube channel in a live video that addressed facts about YouTube’s policy on … Continue reading YouTube “K-Pop Apocolypse” Is Passive-Aggressive Corporate Dealings [Opinion]