Eight Reasons to Watch “Luther” (Spoilers)

Actor Idris Elba stars at the center of the hard-hitting BBC drama, Luther. Bearing the namesake of its main character, the show centers around the life of DCI John Luther as he struggles to reign in his own demons while ridding London streets of dangerous criminals. His unorthodox, sometimes violent methods of doling out justice earns him the scrutiny of his colleagues. Luther walks a … Continue reading Eight Reasons to Watch “Luther” (Spoilers)

4 Gaming YouTubers You Should Be Watching

When one thinks of YouTube gaming, Markiplier and PewDiePie immediately come to mind due to their immense popularity.  Both provide well-rounded entertainment, but there are many, many other YouTubers who also deserve recognition. It’s time to branch out and see what the gaming community has to offer. Ready to meet four YouTubers who will satisfy all of your gaming needs? If you like profanity, “Mario Kart” and random, on the spot rapping, … Continue reading 4 Gaming YouTubers You Should Be Watching

13 of the Best K-Pop Memes

1. When “chogiwa” just wasn’t enough. 2. When ARMYs just needed an answer. 3. When the awful truth behind the life of a fan was exposed. 4. When you “Haven’t Heard That Name in Years.” 5. When BTS had a new concept. 6. When Kai was all of us. 7. When this iconic line was added to “Agust D.” 8. When “This is egg monster … Continue reading 13 of the Best K-Pop Memes

9 Reasons to Watch ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’

Finding the perfect K-drama is a difficult task to fulfill. There are so many different genres, lengths of series and personal preferences that searching for the perfect K-drama becomes akin to finding that one item in a crowded store on Black Friday. Look no further, though, because all the research has now been done for you, and I’ve got nine reasons why you should stop what … Continue reading 9 Reasons to Watch ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love’

Relax! They’re Here to Help.

Sometimes the days get too long and the hours get too hard. It can be difficult trying to find a way to properly relax if you work full time, are in school, or simply have too much on your plate at the moment. Nevertheless, relaxation is an important part of daily life; our bodies need the chance to de-stress and reconstruct our mental well-being at … Continue reading Relax! They’re Here to Help.

4 Phrases That Will Go Down In KPop History

If you listen to KPop, there’s a good chance you’ve spent countless hours absorbing yourself in groups. Watching countless Vines, reality shows, and special performances are just a normal part of your schedule! And through that, you–along with many others–have learned of some legendary phrases and words spoken by idols that will go down in history in the Hallyu community. 1. “You Got No Jams” … Continue reading 4 Phrases That Will Go Down In KPop History

5 Stupid Things People Say At Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree, Gods gift to retail. The only dollar store that you can walk into and find that everything, YES AND I MEAN EVERYTHING, is a $1 (plus tax) or less. But after a year of working at Dollar Tree as a cashier, I have found that this store is not exempt from the ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY that humanity can bring through the doors of other … Continue reading 5 Stupid Things People Say At Dollar Tree

5 Signs That YOU Are a K-Pop Loner

If your reading this then I’d like to welcome you to the unofficial ‘K-Pop Loner’ club. Before we start, it’s okay not all aspects of a K-pop loner are bad I’ve found some advantages to it. Yes I identify as K-pop loner. For someone who just go into the Hallyu wave in late 2015 and just went to my first KCON in LA by myself, … Continue reading 5 Signs That YOU Are a K-Pop Loner

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Drinking Solo’

The first episode of “Drinking Solo” did not win me over. The premise is a K-Drama classic. Poor harassed, financially insecure girl gets involved with arrogant better-off jerk in the office—or anywhere else—and they somehow transform each other. He becomes less of a jerk. He sees her true worth. She becomes more poised. They fall for each other. It’s a man-woman premise that can work … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Watch ‘Drinking Solo’