Inspire Me Korea

The members of the MACG Community share a keen interest in Korean culture: from music to film, food and beauty products. For those who want to get a sample of Korea right at their doorstep, meet Diana and Alice — two ambitious entrepreneurs who have created a way to transport you to the streets of Seoul every month. Inspire Me Korea is a monthly subscription service that lets people from … Continue reading Inspire Me Korea

Bite Macarons The Ideal Sweet Treat In Houston

Article originally appeared on November 1, 2014 — You open the doors and your eyes dance around. White walls rest among soft lighting. The aromas of freshly steeped tea and brewing coffee waft around you. Upbeat yet attentive music plays in the background. You take a deep breath in and hold it as you approach the display case. And there they are — perfectly … Continue reading Bite Macarons The Ideal Sweet Treat In Houston

“Naturally Plastic”: An Interview with Creator Terrell Slater

Representation has always been an issue in the world of Barbie. There have been many complaints of lack of variety in hair color and body types. It seemed as though Barbie may have been taking a step forward in January 2016 with the release of “Curvy Barbie,” but nothing much has been seen from the brand since. But the community who has suffered the most … Continue reading “Naturally Plastic”: An Interview with Creator Terrell Slater

What the FRK!: Cafe Mozart Bakery

Located in Doraville, Georgia, the Cafe Mozart Bakery was a rare treasure find for me during a recent trip to Atlanta.  While the chain is not particularly small–there are several locations throughout the Doraville and Duluth area of Georgia–if you aren’t aware of what Cafe Mozart Bakery has to offer, then you’ll likely pass by it without a second glance. Looking at the outer layer … Continue reading What the FRK!: Cafe Mozart Bakery

What the FRK!: Jajangmyeon

Deep in the center of Minneapolis, Minnesota, there is a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant named “Korea Restaurant”. If you are passing by on any normal day, you’ll be likely to miss it; there’s no fancy banner, no flashy sign, nothing that would indicate the location of the best Jajangmyeon in Minnesota. The atmosphere inside Korea Restaurant is surprisingly calm and quiet, despite every table being occupied. … Continue reading What the FRK!: Jajangmyeon

KoreanMall Review No. 2: This Is What We’d Call a Stress Test

October offered no rest for fans of Korean music as comebacks and debuts dropped left and right, and it proved to be an even rougher month for the shopping centers that cater to the industry. I’ve ordered from KoreanMall once before with very good results, but I was already aware going into it this time that things probably wouldn’t go as smoothly. This is still … Continue reading KoreanMall Review No. 2: This Is What We’d Call a Stress Test

A Brief Intro to K-Pop Merch

The K-pop industry often dazzles longtime fans and newcomers alike with its flashy videos and performances, but not everyone knows that the same level of creativity carries over into how most albums and other merchandise are handled. Companies have a lot of room to experiment and frequently take the opportunity to do so. From fancy jewelry to kitschy decorations, this list will hopefully give you a peek into the … Continue reading A Brief Intro to K-Pop Merch

[Store Review] KoreanMall

I first heard about KoreanMall in the trenches of YouTube’s comment section. People will often recommend stores and praise their affordability, but YesAsia had turned out to be the cheapest for me time and time again because I tend to buy in bulk. I decided to look into it anyway, and my jaw honestly dropped a little when I saw the prices. The result was … Continue reading [Store Review] KoreanMall

Korean Beauty Box Explosion

Korean Beauty products have become quite popular recently. Idols and Korean actors have been becoming CF kings and queens while backing their favorite products. Outside of Korea K-beauty products have been popping up in department stores, cosmetics stores and even in your local drugstore. But what if you are unsure where to begin? With so many different types of products and colors, you may feel overwhelmed. Enter K-beauty boxes. … Continue reading Korean Beauty Box Explosion