G.Soul ‘Circles’ Album Review

Two years after his debut — a time filled with infrequent singles and smaller EP releases, Insta-stories about his work in the studio, the passing of his father and moving from JYP’s neglected daughter label Studio J to friend Jay Park’s latest endeavor H1GHR MUSIC — G.Soul returns with his latest EP “Circles.” From the work on this album, it’s obvious this was a project … Continue reading G.Soul ‘Circles’ Album Review

Newcomer DMEANOR Doesn’t Hold Back With Debut ‘Don’t Hold Me’

After releasing cover songs for the past four years on Soundcloud, artist DMEANOR has finally unleashed his brand of smooth R&B to the masses with debut track “Don’t Hold Me.” Featuring one of Korean hip-hop’s most sought-after (and talked-about) rappers, the outspoken and oftentimes polarizing Swings, “Don’t Hold Me” proves itself a well-composed debut track. Enlisting a high-profile rapper for one’s first single is not only … Continue reading Newcomer DMEANOR Doesn’t Hold Back With Debut ‘Don’t Hold Me’

hyukoh – ‘Comes and Goes’ MV Review (and Comments)

Korean indie band hyukoh just released their first full album in April 2017, and their 2015 song “Comes and Goes” is a delightfully low-key track that provides a perfect throwback for old and new fans alike. The music video has a home movie feel and quality to it. In the beginning, viewers see the four members of the group lounging around a dimly lit den that could perhaps … Continue reading hyukoh – ‘Comes and Goes’ MV Review (and Comments)

Suran Explores the Cold Side of Heartache With ‘Winter Bird’

Vocal powerhouse Suran shows viewers the colder side of love in her 2016 music video for song “Winter Bird.” The video opens with the shot of a busy highway bridge behind Suran. The air is hazy with smoke as the camera draws back to focus on her. Snow flutters down to stick to her hair and her pink pastel “furry” coat, which almost has the … Continue reading Suran Explores the Cold Side of Heartache With ‘Winter Bird’

Mutemath – ‘Hit Parade’ (Single Review and Tour Announcement)

New Orleans alternative band Mutemath just release a new single to announce their brand new “Play Dead Live” tour. The band, now consisting of lead vocalist and musician Paul Meany, drummer Darren King, bassist and keyboardist Jonathan Allen and guitarist and keyboardist Todd Gummerman formed in 2002. They released their EP Reset in 2004 and a self-titled album shortly afterward in 2006. Rising popularity accompanied … Continue reading Mutemath – ‘Hit Parade’ (Single Review and Tour Announcement)

G-Dragon – ‘Untitled, 2014’ (MV Review)

On June 7th, 2017, G-Dragon released the music video for ‘Untitled, 2014’, a song from his self-titled album, ‘Kwon Ji Yong.’ The twenty-nine-year-old leader of the mega-hit group BigBang is currently performing around the world on his Act III: Motte tour, which will reach the US in July. The release of this album, which has already topped iTunes charts in 39 countries, comes in the … Continue reading G-Dragon – ‘Untitled, 2014’ (MV Review)

BTS Exploration Pt. 1: ‘I Need U’ MV (Regular)

Published on April 29th, 2015, the music video for “I Need U” was a concept unheard of from BTS. Sure they had songs like “Danger” and “Boy in Luv” that talked about the hardships of being a teen in love, but showing deeper struggles (addiction, abuse, depression, etc.) that are experienced in life was left untouched until the release of this music video. As far … Continue reading BTS Exploration Pt. 1: ‘I Need U’ MV (Regular)

AKMU – ‘Melted’ (MV Breakdown and Comments)

Sibling duo Akdong Musician (AKMU) does a number on our feelings with their beautiful 2014 music video, ‘Melted’. Singers Lee Chan-Hyuk and Lee Su-Hyun have been making music since 2014. They have a unique style that is reflected in the cute, heartfelt and sometimes heartbreaking nature of their songs. AKMU’s “Melted” makes a bold statement by showing the best and worst of people through the innocence … Continue reading AKMU – ‘Melted’ (MV Breakdown and Comments)