G-Dragon – ‘Untitled, 2014’ (M/V Review)

On June 7th, 2017, G-Dragon released the music video for ‘Untitled, 2014’, a song from his self-titled album, ‘Kwon Ji Yong.’ The twenty-nine-year-old leader of the mega-hit group BigBang is currently performing around the world on his Act III: Motte tour, which will reach the US in July. The release of this album, which has already topped iTunes charts in 39 countries, comes in the … Continue reading G-Dragon – ‘Untitled, 2014’ (M/V Review)

BTS Exploration Pt. 1: “I Need U” MV (Regular)

Published on April 29th, 2015, the music video for “I Need U” was a concept unheard of from BTS. Sure they had songs like “Danger” and “Boy in Luv” that talked about the hardships of being a teen in love, but showing deeper struggles (addiction, abuse, depression, etc.) that are experienced in life was left untouched until the release of this music video. As far … Continue reading BTS Exploration Pt. 1: “I Need U” MV (Regular)

AKMU – ‘Melted’ (M/V Breakdown and Comments)

Sibling duo Akdong Musician (AKMU) does a number on our feelings with their beautiful 2014 music video, ‘Melted’. Singers Lee Chan-Hyuk and Lee Su-Hyun have been making music since 2014. They have a unique style that is reflected in the cute, heartfelt and sometimes heartbreaking nature of their songs. AKMU’s “Melted” makes a bold statement by showing the best and worst of people through the innocence … Continue reading AKMU – ‘Melted’ (M/V Breakdown and Comments)

Alan Z “Pay Me” Music Video Review

Less than a month ago, independent artist Alan Z returned on the scene with a new single, “Pay Me,” and music video. Making a full move away from January 2017’s original song “Distance,” Alan Z lets listeners and naysayers know that he’s not the 1, 2 or 3 to play with in this new chapter of his career. “I ain’t doin’ nothing free, so let … Continue reading Alan Z “Pay Me” Music Video Review

K-Indie Song Review: The Black Skirts – ‘Ariel’ (Covered by ideadead)

SoundCloud artist “ideadead” creates the musical version of a rainy day by covering The Black Skirts with song “Ariel.” Breaking into the music scene can’t be an easy task. For Korean indie artists, building a following can be especially difficult in a market dominated by K-pop and K-hip-hop superstars. However, this acoustic cover and its original are certainly worth listening to. ideadead’s cover begins with … Continue reading K-Indie Song Review: The Black Skirts – ‘Ariel’ (Covered by ideadead)

TEN – ‘Dream in a Dream’ MV Review (and Comments)

TEN of NCT U broke out with his solo “Dream in a Dream” on April 6, and the music video is decidedly a visual feast from start to finish. SMTown’s YouTube channel describes the work as “Oriental sounds that harmonize with TEN’s dreamy vocals“ featuring “lyrics [that] search [for] the meaning of true love at the border line between dream and reality.” “Dream in a Dream” opens with TEN, clothed … Continue reading TEN – ‘Dream in a Dream’ MV Review (and Comments)

FAKY Is Staying Wild and Free With Their New Song “Someday We’ll Know”

FAKY returns with their latest track “Someday We’ll Know.” The group brings back their EDM style which has a softer sound with heartfelt lyrics to back it up. The song focuses on dealing with pain and love. While people don’t figure out how to deal with these emotions, just know that you’ll have it figured out someday so, stay wild and free! We watch the … Continue reading FAKY Is Staying Wild and Free With Their New Song “Someday We’ll Know”

Sorry Bangtan, but BTS Broke Your Record (‘Spring Day’ MV Review)

There is nothing that BTS and ARMY cannot achieve. BTS’ release of the music video for “Spring Day” and their new album “Wings: You Never Walk Alone” has been one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of 2017, which is shown through the record number of pre-order sales that have been recorded for their album. Because their previous album, “Wings,” was the best-selling album in … Continue reading Sorry Bangtan, but BTS Broke Your Record (‘Spring Day’ MV Review)

MC Jin ‘Nobody’s Listening’ Album Review

After what seems like an eternity, fans of MC Jin, one of underground hip-hop’s living legends, are finally being gifted more of his original music. What’s more incredible is he’s offering the full-length album completely free of charge. What’s better than an artist who just owns his craft gifting people the results of their creativity? Make no mistake, “Nobody’s Listening” is most certainly a gift, one that … Continue reading MC Jin ‘Nobody’s Listening’ Album Review

Dean ‘Limbo’ Album Review

After 11 months of anticipation, fans of DEAN can now rest easy and revel in some truly marvelous new music. On Feb. 16 single album “Limbo” was released with a small amount of fanfare—Dean hosting a 30-minute countdown to the premier of the music video for lead single “Come Over.” After admittedly having the inevitable artist’s slump and a bit of anxiety over expectations from fans … Continue reading Dean ‘Limbo’ Album Review