SHINee’s Jonghyun Shines Oh So Brightly in ‘Shinin’

On Jan. 22, 2018, SM Entertainment released the the late Kim Jonghyun‘s music video for his song “Shinin’,” which is the title track off of his posthumous album, “Poet | Artist.” “Shinin’” is a true testament to Jonghyun’s love of syncapated rhythms and funky percussion. His voice floats and lilts over a ’80s-esque dance breakdown while a tasteful trap beat interjects periodically through the verses, … Continue reading SHINee’s Jonghyun Shines Oh So Brightly in ‘Shinin’

Sunmi Takes Center Stage in ‘Heroine’

Following her wild success with “Gashina,” Sunmi returns with her new single “Heroine.” The 26-year-old (25 internationally) starlet plays the lead in a stage production-esque video while the song comments on the supposed sad conclusions of relationships. Sunmi spends much of the video dancing in a free interpretive style, which suits the airy and light texture of the verses. It’s also very different from choreography … Continue reading Sunmi Takes Center Stage in ‘Heroine’

HOLLAND Debuts with a Sweet (but Typical) Romance in ‘Neverland’

And now for something a little different … On Jan. 21 at 10 am (KST), HOLLAND debuted with single “Neverland.” The song itself isn’t remarkable, the lyrics telling of a typical love affair and the desire for our protagonist to truly belong to the one he loves. It houses some nice composition. Smart. It’s comprised of the same R&B-driven pop construction of most love songs … Continue reading HOLLAND Debuts with a Sweet (but Typical) Romance in ‘Neverland’

MONSTA X Shines on New Japanese Single, ‘Spotlight’

Not wasting a moment, MONSTA X dropped their third Japanese single, “Spotlight,” just a few days after finishing their latest two-month promotional period in South Korea. Released through Universal Music Japan’s Mercury Tokyo label, the single continues MONSTA X’s in-your-face trend of hard-hitting backtracks, killer vocals and rap line perfection. While MONSTA X always manages to bring those ear-worming choruses, “Spotlight” is obviously a very … Continue reading MONSTA X Shines on New Japanese Single, ‘Spotlight’

BTS Suga 2016 Mixtape: Still Standing [OPINION]

As I clear my throat, reach for a microphone and scream out “Fight me!” upon promptly mounting my soapbox, I declare that the “Agust’D” mixtape (2016) was one of the greatest musical hip-hop/rap releases of its time, domestically and internationally, and will continue to be a part of the litmus test of artistry for many artists. Again, fight me on this. I’ve sat on this op-ed for well … Continue reading BTS Suga 2016 Mixtape: Still Standing [OPINION]

KARD’s ‘Trust Me’ MV Leaves More Questions Than Answers

Just two weeks after the release of their lead single, “You in Me,” coed quartet KARD drop a second music video from their latest mini album, “You & Me.”  Listed as a prequel film for the previous song, the “Trust Me” MV has some marked differences in tone and visuals. In direct contrast to the previous song’s dark and vaguely ominous sound, “Trust Me” feels … Continue reading KARD’s ‘Trust Me’ MV Leaves More Questions Than Answers

BTS – “Spine Breaker” M/V Review

BTS just can’t chill in their music video “Spine Breaker.” Be prepared to dance until your back aches. The official video, which takes place entirely in a hotel, is delightful, goofy and fun. It opens by listing Rap Monster as the director, J-Hope as assistant director, Jung Kook as the cameraman and Jimin as the luggage guy. V has the title and task of “mental carer,” … Continue reading BTS – “Spine Breaker” M/V Review

HELLOVENUS – “Mysterious” M/V Review

Hold your secrets close, everyone. HELLOVENUS is on the case. In a visually delightful video, the ladies of HELLOVENUS are on track to solve mysteries and stir up secrets with the company of Seo Kang-jun and Cha Eun-woo. The video begins with a catchy tune and cheerful whistling that only add to the bright and colorful scenes. Aesthetically, “Mysterious” is by far one of my … Continue reading HELLOVENUS – “Mysterious” M/V Review