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Category: Music Reviews


BTS ‘Epiphany’ Comeback Trailer Review

BTS shook the world once again with their comeback trailer entitled “Epiphany.” Uploaded on August 8, the video had over 3 million views in the first few hours and was #3 on the YouTube trending page. In 24 hours, the video now has over 20 million views. A true feat for BTS. This time around, BTS gave Jin the spotlight. […]


D-CRUNCH ‘Palace’ M/V Review

Debuting on August 6, D-CRUNCH released their first music video entitled “Palace.” With an ominous start, D-CRUNCH is an all hip-hop, nine-member boy group. This music video is a very interesting debut for a boy group, in my opinion. Usually, even boy groups have lighter concepts as their debut concept. I guess D-CRUNCH wanted to start off hardcore, and they […]

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Minseo — ‘Zero’ MV Review

On July 23, Minseo graced the K-Pop world once again with her newest comeback, presenting her music video for “Zero.” It’s clear she’s going for a different image this time around and wishes to use very contrasting concepts throughout her career. With a drastic change from her debut, Minseo portrays a fantasy world from a video game. The lyrics surround the […]

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Sik-K ‘Skip And Kiss’ MV Review

On July 11, “GQ Korea” released Sik-K’s music video for “Skip and Kiss.” In this version of the music video, he is desperately trying to get someone’s attention. He shows up at a random apartment door and starts just dancing and singing into the security camera. We see him in different stages of desperation for this girl. He calls her multiple […]