Daredevil Episode 2: Cut Man (pt 1)

Sometimes, victory comes with a price. The second episode of Marvel‘s “Daredevil” doesn’t give Matt Murdock much of a break.  We learn more about Matt’s heartbreaking past, meet some new friends and see just how much power our choices can have. The episode opens with Matt in deep trouble … and deep garbage. A young man named Hector finds the masked vigilante lying beaten and bleeding … Continue reading Daredevil Episode 2: Cut Man (pt 1)

Anime You Should Be Watching!

With thousands of anime released it’s so hard to just pick one to settle on. Haven’t been keeping up with the latest anime? Are you just discovering anime for the first time? Or are you simply looking for a new anime to (binge) watch? Here are a couple suggestions for you! The Ancient Magus’ Bride If you are looking for a fantasy/magic-type of anime, “The … Continue reading Anime You Should Be Watching!

The Unit Makes Its Way to KBS World on YouTube!

KBS’ idol survival show “The Unit” is now available on the KBS World TV YouTube channel! For many fans all over the world, KBS World TV gives them the opportunity to catch the latest when they cannot watch on their normal TV stations, from dramas to  variety shows. “The Unit” is the next addition to KBS World TV. It is a survival show where already-debuted … Continue reading The Unit Makes Its Way to KBS World on YouTube!

Temporary Project Groups: JBJ (제이비제이)

“Produce 101 Season 2” might have created Wanna One, but the broadcast brought another set of young men to the forefront to form Just Be Joyful (JBJ) on Oct. 18, 2017. Members of JBJ did not make the top 11, but fan support created an avenue for the mix of trainees and previously debuted entertainers to perform. The project group is managed by Fave Entertainment … Continue reading Temporary Project Groups: JBJ (제이비제이)

BTS Holds Mini Concert on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The performances just keep coming! On Nov. 29, BTS appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to perform for an impressive-sized crowd. The mini-concert is part of a series for the late-night talk show, in which artists can present a fuller set rather than one or two songs. BTS took full advantage of the solo stage, performing six songs: “Go Go,” “Save Me,” “I Need U,” “Fire,” … Continue reading BTS Holds Mini Concert on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

MBC To Broadcast Year-End Award Ceremonies

On December 7, 2017 it was announced that Korean television and radio network company Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) will broadcast all year-end award ceremonies later this month. The awards were tentatively on hold, due to a strike announced earlier this year. A representative from MBC stated, “After the discussion, it was decided to broadcast both the broadcast entertainment object and the acting object because it … Continue reading MBC To Broadcast Year-End Award Ceremonies

Will ‘Master Key’ Be the New ‘Running Man’?

We all are fond of our Korean variety shows, especially the ones that leave everyone on the edge of their seats, guessing what is going to happen next. For many years, “Running Man” has been a favorite among fans worldwide. When you have a star-studded cast with Yoo Jae-suk at the helm, you can’t help but tune in. But there is a new show that might … Continue reading Will ‘Master Key’ Be the New ‘Running Man’?

Boruto is Not Naruto … and That’s a Good Thing

Back in July, I answered a call from two of my longtime friends, Emma and Chloe. We went to the same schools since I moved to town in second grade but only became friends in maybe sixth or seventh. Middle school was a trying time, but we found solace in our mutual love of anime and manga. So on this phone call, ten or so … Continue reading Boruto is Not Naruto … and That’s a Good Thing

6 Reasons to Watch ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 2 – SPOILERS)

She’s baaaaaack. Netflix original “Stranger Things” unleashed a spooky second season just in time for Halloween. If ’80s throwbacks and a mountain of nerdy Easter eggs aren’t enough for you, here are eight more reasons to put “Stranger Things” on your Christmas binge list. 01 Eleven Returns If you made it through the bittersweet ending of the first season, you already know that Eleven (Millie … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Watch ‘Stranger Things’ (Season 2 – SPOILERS)