Daredevil – Episode 1: Into the Ring ( Pt.1)

The cinematic Marvel Multiverse has taken the nerd world by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. Movies, television, miniseries — Marvel jumped in headfirst. The Netflix Original “Daredevil” is the first in a well-built and well-executed four series mash-up (“The Defenders”), and the show is relentless. We are not talking about Ben Affleck in red leather here. “Daredevil” is a dark, gritty series that … Continue reading Daredevil – Episode 1: Into the Ring ( Pt.1)

Fans Bid Farewell To Fairy Tail

On July 26, fans said goodbye to the popular manga series “Fairy Tail” by manga artist Hiro Mashima. Eleven years ago, readers embarked on a journey with Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel and Celestial Mage Lucy Heartfilia as they fought their way through countless other mages and demons — and it wouldn’t be a fantasy series without a dragon or two! With their friends Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet … Continue reading Fans Bid Farewell To Fairy Tail

The Anime Man Presents: Top 100 Anime of All Time

Joey, also known as The Anime Man, is calling out to all anime lovers to help him create the Top 100 Anime of All Time according to the International Community! He asks all fans of the genre to share and spread the word about his poll and wants to know what the international anime community considers their favorite! This poll comes as a response to the … Continue reading The Anime Man Presents: Top 100 Anime of All Time

6 Reasons to Binge Watch ‘Sherlock’ S3 (Spoilers)

If you thought BBC’s “Sherlock” couldn’t get any more complicated, you were wrong. Holmes is back for season three, and he has some explaining to do. If you still need a few reasons to climb aboard with the Sherlock fandom, here are six things that will pull you into season three. 01 Sherlock Isn’t Dead! The ending of the second season was, without a doubt, one … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Binge Watch ‘Sherlock’ S3 (Spoilers)

Marvel’s The Defenders: Trailer Breakdown

What’s a party without a few friends? This August, Marvel will give new meaning to the term “buddy system.” Over the last ten years, Marvel has made the transition from comics and cartoons to the big screen and television. Netflix became the home for four Marvel Originals: “Daredevil,” “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage” and “The Iron Fist.” These four shows are now set to converge in … Continue reading Marvel’s The Defenders: Trailer Breakdown

5 More Reasons to Watch ‘Sherlock’ (S2 Spoilers)

Back for more? We knew you would be. Two long years after season one, BBC’s “Sherlock” returned for a second season that was just as gripping as the first. Here are five more reasons to get in on the action. 01 Irene Adler Laura Pulver joins the cast in season two as the ultimate femme fatale and the romantic interest of Sherlock, Irene Adler. In … Continue reading 5 More Reasons to Watch ‘Sherlock’ (S2 Spoilers)

‘Luther’ Returns for a Fifth Season

“Luther” fans rejoice. BBC announced the return of the 2010 hit drama with Idris Elba once again taking on the role of DCI John Luther. Nearly two years ago, BBC’s “Luther” wrapped up with a powerful mini special that left DCI John Luther back in his iconic coat, once again prowling the streets of London. The show has taken a great many unexpected twists and … Continue reading ‘Luther’ Returns for a Fifth Season

‘Bride of The Water God’ Drama Announcement

Nam Joo-hyuk and actress/singer Shin Se-kyung are set to make a “splash” in the live action spin-off of the 2006 manwha “Bride of the Water God.” The drama tells the story of a reincarnated water god and a doctor who is offered as a sacrifice to him. The fantasy comedy-romance may appeal who fans who enjoyed dramas such as “Goblin”, “My Girlfriend is a Humiho” and … Continue reading ‘Bride of The Water God’ Drama Announcement

‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Announcement

The critically acclaimed series Downton Abbey is back for the movie fans have been waiting for. “Downton Abbey, the award-winning series from Julian Fellowes, spans 12 years of gripping drama centered on a great English estate on the cusp of a vanishing way of life. Nearly six years ago, America fell in love with Downton Abbey‘s Granthams and their family of servants, and has followed … Continue reading ‘Downton Abbey’ Movie Announcement

5 Reasons to Watch ‘Sherlock’ (S1 Spoilers)

In 2010, BBC unleashed a modern-day incarnation of the beloved fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, and no one was ready for it. Here are five reasons why you should get to know the television show “Sherlock” from the beginning. 01 The Story Arthur Conan Doyle began writing the stories of Sherlock Holmes in the late 1800s. This retelling takes place in the 21st century and was co-created … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Watch ‘Sherlock’ (S1 Spoilers)