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CEO of Gary Fowler Passed Away, Cause of Death, Obituary

CEO of Gary Fowler Passed Away, Cause of Death, Obituary
CEO of Gary Fowler Passed Away, Cause of Death, Obituary

The CEO of the famous company, namely Mr. Garry Fowler, has passed away. This news has left his fans and loved ones in utter shock. 

Gary Fowler Death, Obituary, News

Gary Fowler was a very successful businessman and scholar who took a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence. He was the founder of more than 15 companies that mostly dealt with Artificial Intelligence. Some are, Venture Fund, Broadiant, GSD Venture studios, DY investments, etc. 

Gary was named one of the most influential AI scholars in the world in 2020. Moreover, his companies are among the top-notch AI companies. He has more than ten columns written under his name. The most famous magazine, called Forbes Magazine, also published his articles readily. His main field of interest included Artificial Intelligence and science and technology. 

According to reports, Gary Fowler recently passed away, and this news has left his admirers in utter shock. Gary had earned a lot of respect with hai work, and thus, people worldwide admired him. But unfortunately, his death has left all of his colleagues, and his loved ones shook. He was a young man of just 56 and left for his heavenly abode too soon. His friends and colleagues have shared their grief and sent love-filled messages to the family. 

The AI and the Quantum Guy, as he was popularly known, Garry, passed away on the 2nd of September 2021. Unfortunately, we don’t have any substantial information about the cause of the death yet. Also, he did not prefer to share much about his personal life, so it has been kept private. 

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