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Charles Blow and his ex-wife: what was the reason for their divorce?

Charles Blow and his ex-wife
Charles Blow and his ex-wife

Charles Blow is an op-ed columnist for NYT (New York Times) and an American journalist, commentator, and critic. Presently he is serving as a political analyst for MSNBC. Therefore, there is no doubt that he is an expert character inside the space. People are interested in his stuff also, like the topis of his ex-wife. 

Charles and his wife were pleased with each other. But after some time, some problems started arising between the two of them. 

So, they decided to take divorce. Since the separation, she has not made any public appearance. She has made herself away from the media. The reports said that there is no use in chasing any false narrative or rumour as we know that social media has all her rumours.

Everything according to the media:

Some reports also say that the prime reason for their separation was Charles Blow’s sexuality. Charles blow was bisexual and came out to the public in 2014, and his wife knew about that. Hence, he officially addresses himself while claiming no relationship with anyone else. Besides all these, no further information regarding him and his spouse came ahead.

Charles and his ex-wife are still trending on social media platforms. Some people also claim to know them and are spreading some rumours about them. People are very curious about where is his ex-wife or is he bisexual. Charles blow also seems a bit problematic in some ways. He has been inflating his academic credentials, and that seems very suspicious. 

His ex-wife also accused him of making multiple threats against her life. As a result, in 2005, she secured an order of protection against him. Associated Press reported that “when his book was released, she told ABC News that at one point during their marriage, her husband pointed a pistol at her head and said, ‘I’m going to blow your brains out.’ She filed for divorce in 2001, citing ‘physically abusive and extremely threatening behaviour.’”

So, nobody knows the real reason they both got divorced, but it can be several reasons, like him threatening them to be bisexual.

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