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Charles Butler murdered by his lover’s ex-boyfriend

Charles Butler murdered by his lover's ex-boyfriend
Charles Butler murdered by his lover's ex-boyfriend

Mikhail Chernyaev has killed his ex-girlfriend’s new lover, Charles butler. Chernyaev had been sending threat messages to the dead man’s phone. The jury found Mikhail guilty of killing Charles Butler on September 19, 2012.

Further updates:

Mikhail Chernyaev, now 50 years old, had to go through 25 years in prison for murder. Brooklyn supreme court justice Neil Fire tog sentenced him on October 28. Charles Butler was in a relationship with Mikhail’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he also had a son named Anna Lioznov. Charles Butler was a successful businessman. Mikhail Chernyaev was a very jealous man, and some people also believe that he killed Charles butler because of his jealousy only. He also abandoned the body after the murder. 

Charles Butler was just a mere victim of someone’s jealousy, which led to him leaving behind his two daughters and a son. Then, a month after his death in Hawk’s Nest, Charles’ decomposed body parts were found near Port Jervis, N.Y. A fisherman found it.

After all this, Chernyaev was questioned by the police about this matter, and then he admitted all his crimes. He drove the body upstate and pushed it over the cliff. He also argues that it was all because of self-defence. 

Charles Butler murdered

Charles Butler murdered

People still can’t get over the incident, and that’s why even if this all took place ten years ago, it is still in the limelight. However, the exact details about them are still to be revealed. But we know that Chernyaev is currently serving his time in prison as he was charged for 25 years. On the one hand, where we know that Mikhail is spending his days in prison, Lioznov has not been in the limelight after the incident. Charles Butler was a very famous and successful businessman. He met Anna Lioznov during one of his business trips. And they started dating shortly after. They were both very happy with each other.

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