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Charles Langlinais: The Former Mayor Of Broussard Died At The Age Of 73

Charles Langlinais
Image credit- BBC News

After serving as mayor of Broussard for more than 25 years, Charles Langlinais passed away. Let’s look at Charles Langlinais’s cause of death and how he passed away in more detail.

How Did Charles Langlinais Died?

At the age of 73, Charles Langlinais, the mayor of Broussard for more than 25 years, passed suddenly.

Dave Langlinais, the son of Charles Langlinais, posted the heartbreaking information on Facebook.

The city of Broussard has made the decision to honour Langlinais’ many years of service to the community by flying flags at half-staff for the following week, despite the fact that funeral arrangements have not yet been made public.

Charles Langlinais Cause Of Death

Charles Langlinais

Image credit- BBC News

We regret having to notify you about Charles Langlinais’ passing. Langlinais died in his sleep early on Tuesday. Charles Langlinais’ exact cause of death hasn’t been made public yet.

Those who knew Langlinais well said that he had kidney issues later in life.

Who Was Charles Langlinais ?

Charles Langlinais is credited with assisting Broussard’s growth from a tiny town to a major metropolis. He wasn’t afraid to use any means necessary to promote growth in order to make his beliefs a reality, eventually openly battling with other politicians, including former Lafayette Mayor-President Joey Durel.

“We would giggle at some of the things he did,” said the municipal clerk, Tina Emert. “His thing was ‘Get it done now,’ and he would get upset when we phoned a company and they told us there was a holdup, the item was backordered, or that we would have to wait.


1. Who was Charles Langlinais?

A. He was the former mayor of Broussard

2. What was his profession?

A. Mayor

3. What was Charles Langlinais Nationality?


4. How old was Charles Langlinais?

A. 73 years old

5. What happened to Charles Langlinais?

A. He died

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