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Cheslie Kryst’s mother said that on the day of her death, the former Miss USA sent her a farewell SMS

Cheslie Kryst

For the very first time following her daughter’s death, Cheslie Kryst’s mother is speaking up.

On January 30, the former Miss USA committed suicide at the age of 30. Her family, friends, and coworkers at Extra TV, as well as the global pageant community, were stunned by the news. Ariel Simpkins, Kryst’s mother, came on “Red Table Talk” to discuss the pageant queen’s despair and the final text she received from her daughter.

The statement made by Cheslie Kryst’s mother:

On Wednesday’s episode, Simpkins told Jada Pinkett Smith, “I never thought I’d be here.” “She was actually my best friend; when I awoke, she was the first person I spoke to.” Kryst had high-functioning depression, according to Simpkins. Experts have told Insider that the phrase, which is not an established medical diagnosis, characterises depression in people who appear to live pleasant, productive lives, or even flourish in them. Simpkins informed Pinkett Smith that her daughter started displaying indicators while she was in her early twenties.

Cheslie Kryst's mother said that on the day of her death, the former Miss USA sent her a farewell SMS

“I was aware that Cheslie was depressed. I had no idea how serious it was “Simpkins explained. “I observed that some of the grins seemed a touch forced. Maybe it’s simply stress, I reasoned. Then the assassination attempt occurred, and we had dialogues we hadn’t had before.” Kryst tried to commit suicide first before her death in January, according to Simpkins.

More about Cheslie Kryst:

Kryst was a complex-litigation lawyer who eventually became an Extra TV personality. In 2019, she was a part of a historic time when women of colour won Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss America. Being a part of such a group, she told Insider at the time, was “surreal.”

Kryst texted Simpkins on the morning of January 30 when she knew her mother would be at her monthly fitness class, according to Simpkins. “I was about to contact her on my way home when I spotted a text message from her on my phone,” Simpkins explained. “‘First and foremost, I apologise,’ she added. I won’t be alive by the time you receive this.'”

Simpkins said that she didn’t complete the text. Instead, she went home to her husband, David Simpkins, Kryst’s stepfather, and they phoned the cops and booked the next ticket to New York City, where Kryst resided, she claimed.

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