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Chief accountant Tetiana Perebyinis gets killed.

Chief accountant Tetiana Perebyinis gets killed.
Chief accountant Tetiana Perebyinis gets killed.

In San Francisco, a man has lost his wife and two children in a motor fire in Ukraine. They were trying to flee to Kyiv on Wednesday. But now their funerals have been postponed as the morgues are full of civilians. Serhiy Perebyinis was not with their family when they were killed.

What was the actual incident that happened with Tetiana Perebyinis?

All the people in the war have been struggling a lot, and they are trying to flee away, but somehow they cannot do that, so the Serhiy Perebyinis. She mentioned that it was tough for them to cope with the situation that had been happening in front of their eyes. Tetiana Perebynis’s dead body was lying on the floor in the black bag. And the family dogs have also died. The Ukraine woman who is identified as a silicon valley tech firm accountant has been killed near Kyiv. The worst situation was where her body was lying next to the dog carrier and suitcases. He met with certain witnesses and correspondents to know about the information.

What were the efforts made by the Ukraine President?

Volodymyr Zelinsky Who is the president of Ukraine, has been making efforts in evacuating some 18000 people from the towns in the Kyiv region. Asian also said that they were in touch with her at that time. She was hiding in the basement, but they were also having a group chat joking. The son of Tetiana Perebyinis has started his university this year when he is 18. She was living when the Russian invasion started and living in Irpin. Her mother was sick at that time, and she had to remain in the country in case there was a need to defend.

She was a great mother, and she gave her child the best she could give and to bring him up. He was brilliant. She always talked about her child the best she could. But unfortunately, the apartment building in which they were living were bombed a day before they died, due to which they had to move to the basement without any food or heat, and this was when they decided to flee to Kyiv.

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