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Chief Organizers of Freedom Convoy: Tamara Lich, Chris Barber Arrested

Chief Organizers of Freedom Convoy_ Tamara Lich, Chris Barber Arrested
Chief Organizers of Freedom Convoy_ Tamara Lich, Chris Barber Arrested

Two critical coordinators of the purported Freedom Convoy, Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, have been Arrested in Ottawa.

Lich was arrested Thursday evening and Barber prior in the day by Ottawa police. Both stay in police guardianship and are relied upon to be charged criminally, as indicated by sources.

The two have been depicted as critical heads of the dissent in Ottawa, which has now hit the three-week point.

Their arrests were among a few made Thursday. A stylist was seen a couple of squares from Parliament Hill binds between two cops.

Lich affirmed to The Canadian Press prior Thursday that she was there when Barber, a driver from Saskatchewan, was arrested and driven away.

Lich said she was surrendered to how she planned to prison, adding her financial balance had been frozen.

They are two of the three dissent coordinators named in a proposed legal claim documented with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice by attorney Paul Champ for the benefit of his client, 21-year-old community worker Zexi Li.

The suit additionally names individual caravan coordinator Benjamin Dichter.

Recently, Barber reacted to the analysis that the dissent adversely influenced Ottawa inhabitants by saying coordinators had “empathy” for neighbourhood occupants.

“We understand your frustration and genuinely wish there was another way for us to get our message across, but the responsibility for your inconvenience lies squarely on the shoulders of politicians who have [preferred] to vilify and call us names rather than engage in respectful, serious dialogue,” he mentioned at the time.

When getting information about Barber’s capture, Ottawa police said they don’t verify or refute examinations about individuals until charges are laid.

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