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Chris Darnell passed away in a race while driving a jet-fueled truck

Chris Darnell passed away in a race while driving a jet-fueled truck

Chris Darnell dared to attack jet engines to a truck and sadly it didn’t pay off well. He was taking part in an air show in Michigan and he crashed while driving the insane truck.

The audience was shocked by the massive accident and went home witnessing a death.

Chris Darnell was 40 years. He was driving a truck for over 300 Miles per hour. the speed itself is shocking enough to kill a person. “Shockwave” organizes such mad races regularly. Chris crashed Saturday at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show.

Police confirmed the time and place of death to the media.

Chris Darnell father wrote two Facebook posts for his deceased son

Chris’s father made two separate posts about his son’s death and the reason for death”We have lost our youngest son Chris in an accident doing what he loved; performing with SHOCKWAVE,” 

Neal Darnell said in the second post” a mechanical failure on the Jet Truck.”

The audience captured the entire video of the crash. The jet engine truck first burst into flames and then jumped in the air multiple times. The truck lost control and he died immediately.

The Shockwave was spewing fire before the accident and it is considered normal and part of the show.

The truck was once considered the fastest semi-truck on earth. It clocked 376 miles per hour in a race. three jet engines were attached to it in the back which provided 36000 horsepower and 21000 pounds of a push to the truck.

Chris Darnell passed away in a race while driving a jet-fueled truck

Darnell racing enterprises of Springfield, Missouri was the owner of the former fastest semi in the world.

Shockwave was also seen in 2018 at New England Air and space show.

Police confirmed the remaining show day was canceled but it will be resumed the very next day. Police, fire department, and aviation administration have initiated a “know-cause” investigation in the matter.

“We are so sad,” Neal Darnell his father wrote. “Just one month ago Chris turned 40. He was so well-loved by everyone who knew him. Chris so loved the Air Show-business. ‘Living the Dream’ while he was in this business.

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