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Chris Leitch’s Struggle With Cancer: What Happened To The Social Credit Party’s Founder?

Chris Leitch
Image credit- ABC News

We regret to inform you that Chris Leitch, the leader of the NZ Social Credit Party, died after a protracted illness. Leitch has long been an advocate for Social Credit and has held nearly every office in the Party since he first developed an interest in it in 1972.

Even though everyone is aware of his cause of death, those who cared about him the most are especially curious about the type of cancer he had and how he managed to endure it. You may read more about what transpired to him and the circumstances surrounding Chris Leitch’s cancer battle in this post.

What Happened To Chris Leitch?

According to a statement from the Party’s president, Chris Leitch, the leader of the Social Credit Party, passed away on Friday morning after a protracted battle with neck cancer.

The Social Credit Political League has fielded candidates in almost every general election and by-election since its establishment in 1953. During that time, six MPs have been successfully elected to the legislature.

Leitch’s father campaigned for politics in the 1960s, and his brother has stood for office many times. All of his living relatives include his wife Anne, son Andrew, stepdaughters Tracey and Darian, and brother Tim.

Chris Leitch

Image credit- BBC News

Chris Leitch Cancer Battle

Following a protracted fight with neck cancer, Chris Leitch, the Social Credit Party’s leader and a resident of Whangarei, passed away on Friday morning.

Son Andrew, stepdaughters Tracey and Darian, wife Anne, brother Tim, and the 70-year-old Leitch are all still alive. Since he first became involved with Social Credit in 1972, Leitch has held almost every office in the organisation. In honour of this achievement, he received life membership in 2012.

In the 1970s, he joined Social Credit, and for the rest of his life, he actively backed the organisation. Leitch served as party leader before also serving as branch chairman and party president. He was a Whangrei candidate who sought for office in six general elections.

Political Career

Leitch joined the Social Credit Party in the early 1970s to “try to make a difference,” following in his father’s political footsteps. Joyce Ryan, a former mayor of Whangarei who later became the branch manager of Social Credit, was the target of his first political campaign.


1. Who was Chris Leitch?

A. He was the leader of the Social Credit Party

2. What was his Nationality?


3. How old was Chris Leitch?

A. 70 years old

4. What happened to Chris Leitch?

A. He died due to cancer

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