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Rumours of CJ Dunlap’s arrest came out and has been making rounds online

CJ Dunlap’s arrest

Skoop Smg, a very popular influencer on Instagram and a huge social media star, has become the latest trending search on Twitter since the rumours of his imprisonment surfaced online for everyone to speculate about.

Who is CJ Dunlap?

CJ Dunlap, more popularly known by his online screen name, Skoop Smg, is an online personality who frequently publishes photos of customized vehicles on his Instagram, for which he has amassed a massive following between car and truck enthusiasts alike. He has a very big presence in the online world and that is why is trending so much as soon as the reports of his arrest came out.

He usually earns money by using his Instagram to promote and sell products as a social media influencer. He has also made a profit by attending trade exhibitions for the automobile industry, where he is called to review and post more about these events so fans can engage with these shows. CJ Dunlap has over 200k+ followers on his Instagram handle and has a very cult following amongst car enthusiasts.

Rumours of CJ Dunlap’s arrest?

CJ Dunlap’s arrest is still to be confirmed by an authoritative document. According to rumours, he was jailed and accused of attacking a man, but the authorities really haven’t released any information about his imprisonment to the public. He’s been imprisoned, according to media platforms rumours, for causing bodily injury in a fight to a man. His imprisonment, though, has yet to be confirmed in writing.

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