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Cody Fisher, A Football Player, Was Stabbed In Birmingham Nightclub

Cody Fisher
Image credit- BBC News

Numerous people were reportedly present at the nightclub on Boxing Day, according to the police. Detectives have opened a murder inquiry of cody Fisher and are looking at the venue’s security footage.

Who Was Cody Fisher?

The 23-year-old football player who was fatally stabbed on the dance floor of a Birmingham nightclub has been identified as Cody Fisher. In a statement, his family stated: “We were devastated by them, and I lost my best friend. In this painful moment, my family and I respectfully want your privacy.”

On Boxing Day, just before 11.45 p.m., Digbeth’s The Crane nightclub received a call from West Midlands Police. According to the police, Mr. Fisher was contacted while out with friends.

A half-hour later, despite efforts to resuscitate him, he was declared dead. A murder investigation has been started by the police.

Mr. Fisher played for the Southern League Premier Division Central team Stratford Town FC. His previous team was Bromsgrove Sporting. Jed McCrory, the chairman of Stratford Town, told Sky News that Mr. Fisher was a “brilliant footballer” and a “beautiful, gorgeous young man,” and that “everyone is horrified by the news.”

The club issued a statement in which it called Mr. Fisher’s passing a “tragic loss” and expressed their condolences to his family and friends. He was honestly one of the nicest people you could want to meet, according to a buddy of Mr. Fisher who was a teammate of his at Bromsgrove last season.

The companion claimed that Mr. Fisher texted him last night to inquire about his plans for the evening, but he ultimately decided against going. Numerous people were at the nightclub when the stabbing occurred, according to the police.

What Happened To Cody Fisher?

Cody Fisher

Image credit- BBC News

Detectives are looking into the venue’s CCTV and urging anyone who was nearby to contact them. Revellers at the nightclub bemoaned security checks at the occasion and spoke of a “moody” ambiance there.

Birmingham resident Sydnee Power spoke of “groups of boys” who were “trying to cause problems.” The 23-year-old reported a “really strange vibe,” she continued, adding that “there were basically groups of men around, and most of them seemed moody… They were obviously not there to appreciate the music because many of them were out to provoke trouble.”

Unnamed 18-year-old Wolverhampton resident described the encounter as a “disaster waiting to happen.”


1. Who was Cody Fisher?

A. A footballer

2. Who are the Cody Fisher murderers?

A. Not known

3. What was his Nationality?


4. How old was Cody Fisher?

A. 23 years old

5. How Cody Fisher died?

A. He was stabbed by the culprit

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