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Constance Marten And Mark Gordon With Their Infant Are Missing Following M61 Breakdown

Constance Marten
Constance Marten; image credits - Metro UK

After their car broke down on the side of a highway, the couple and their newborn child disappeared, prompting police to undertake a desperate search for them.

Constance Marten

Constance Marten; image credits – Metro UK

What happened to Constance Marten

According to Greater Manchester Police, Constance Marten and Mark Gordon vanished after their car broke down on the M61 close to Bolton. The family’s car broke down on the highway on Thursday night, according to the police (5 January). The baby, who was wrapped in a blanket, and the couple, according to the police, are believed to have safely exited the car and the highway.

Where Was Constance Marten Last Seen?

However, they haven’t been seen since they crossed the Anchor Lane bridge, which connects the neighborhoods of Little Hulton and Highfield. Police are urgently seeking a conversation with the pair because they suspect Constance has just given birth and neither she nor the child has received medical attention. According to reports, they got out of the automobile and safely off the highway. Around 6.30 p.m., they were last seen making their way to the Anchor Lane bridge, which connects the neighborhoods of Little Hulton and Highfield.

How Does Constance Marten Look?

Constance, who has a southern pronunciation, was wearing a burgundy coat, and Mark was dressed in black attire. The force reported that the newborn was wrapped in a blanket. The mother, who gave birth very recently,’ received a direct appeal from police, asking for anyone with knowledge on their whereabouts to get in touch. Ch Supt Michaela Kerr made a heartfelt request of the two, saying that she would like to speak directly to Constance. She acknowledges that he is going through a particularly trying period and that he probably feels terrified, but she assures him that keeping the adorable baby safe is their top priority. The newborn has to be examined by medical practitioners as quickly as possible.


1. Who is the wife of Constance Marten?

Ans. Mark Gordon

2. When did Constance Marten And Mark Gordon go missing?

Ans. 5 January 2023

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