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Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones is being sued by a mysterious woman claiming to be his daughter

Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones is being sued by a mysterious woman claiming to be his daughter

The Dallas Cowboys are once again making news for varying reasons other than football. With all these viral, controversial reports, the club can’t seem to get a break. Jerry Jones, the team’s owner, has been in the spotlight for a great many years, for better or worse. Selling the tickets for the team’s season is more important to him than anything else. Now, he’s back in the spotlight after a lady from North Texas filed a complaint in Dallas County, saying that Jerry Jones is actually her real father and that the Dallas’ billionaire owner bribed her mom well above a quarter-million dollars to hide things under the rug. 

Alexandra Davis, aged 25, says that her mom, Cynthia Davis Spencer, seemed to have an affair with Jerry Jones in the mid-1990s, while she worked for American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas, and was divorced from her father. Jerry Jones would go on to get Cynthia Davis pregnant but due to keeping his image clean, he provided hundreds of thousands of dollars for the upkeep of the then-infant, with the premise that Jerry Jones’ fatherhood would never be revealed to the world. Despite the defendant’s residence in Washington, D.C., the complaint was apparently submitted on March 3 in a Dallas County court.

Alexandra Davis, who was only one year old at the time of the agreement, was barred from even attempting to claim paternity via legal means. While Jerry Jones and Cynthia Davis are said to have communicated through the years, Alexandra and Jerry Jones have never interacted. Alexandra claims Jones “deserted and ignored” her throughout her infancy, youth, college years, and now adulthood, compelling her to remain in seclusion. She is now requesting that the state acknowledge her as Jones’s child and free her from the non-disclosure agreement that her mother agreed to back in the day.

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