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Brisbane Clothing Designer Daniel Lightfoot Died At 58, Know Everything About Him

Daniel Lightfoot
Daniel Lightfoot, Credits: Dailymail

Brisbane clothing designer Daniel Lightfoot, 58, went away unexpectedly on Christmas Day. Suzie, his former of 8 years, announced the news on Insta on Tuesday by posting a moving tribute. It’s deeply saddened to inform you that Daniel Lightfoot died recently on Christmas Day, and I share the terrible news with you. He receives so much love from his family, which includes Paris, the love of his life, Allison, Kenny, Elizabeth, Ben, and Amy.

Daniel Lightfoot’s Cause of Death

He died unexpectedly. His cause of death is still a mystery. For the upcoming year, a funeral ceremony for Daniel has been planned.

His family wants him to be remembered for his accomplishments and his zest for life. To memorialize Daniel and put on a great display to remember his life, as he would have wanted, everyone will be wearing brilliant colors.

As a result, it was determined from the official reports that he died unexpectedly. He died without any known cause being disclosed, according to neither online sources nor family members.

Who was Daniel Lightfoot?

Daniel Lightfoot

Daniel Lightfoot, Credits: Dailymail

Mr. Lightfoot rose to fame after Australian Angelina Nasso, a 1985 Miss World contender, wore one of his designs.

The next year, he has crowned the best fashion designer in Queensland, and he went on to win two Australian Fashion Awards in addition to 27 RAQ Fashion Design Awards. He was honored in the Hall of Fame of the Queensland Retail Association in 1992. A former governor-general named Quentin Bryce and actress Liza Minnelli is just two of the famous people that Mr. Lightfoot has dressed.

Before he passed away, he worked with the Queensland University of Technology’s fashion department to mentor aspiring designers as he continued to support the fashion sector.

Daniel Lightfoot Career

Daniel was born in Brisbane, and his interest in design first emerged when he was a small child and saw his aunt, a renowned seamstress for Brisbane designers, at work. Because of this love, Daniel decided to enroll in the designers at Mt. Gravatt TAFE in parallel to Seven Hills College of TAFE. Daniel launched his label at the age of 20, and in 1985, the Retailers Association of Queensland (RAQ) presented him with the inspiration award, the first of 18 honors. In 1992, seven years later, Daniel was honored by being inducted into the RAQ Hall of Fame.

Daniel became well-known on a global scale after defeating 85 other fashion designers to win the title of best Day Wear designer on the globe in 1997. Australia’s entry in the tournament was dressed in Daniel Lightfoot’s winning entry. Daniel started solely making upscale women’s apparel, but he later expanded his company to also include corporate uniforms in 1987 and then upscale men’s clothing in 1991.

Daniel Lightfoot’s Wife and Daughter

Daniel Lightfoot was born in Brisbane, Australia, in 1965. At his parents’ home, where he frequently woke them up in the middle of the night to sew, he developed a love for design. Daniel and Suzie welcomed their daughter, Paris Lightfoot, in 1990. Daniel and Suzie stayed close even after they split up and continued to be active in Brisbane’s social scene.

Daniel Lightfoot’s Net Worth

Daniel Lightfoot’s net worth is not disclosed publicly. He was among Australia’s best fashion designers, thus he was presumably quite affluent. Daniel started Daniel Lightfoot Pty Ltd, held the position of design director there, and produced unique corporate attire items, as per his LinkedIn profile.

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