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Daniel Strawhun Dies: A Missing Man From Texas Passed Away At Age 31

Daniel Strawhun
Image credit- medico topics

Missing Daniel expired. Grizzy’s Hood News published Daniel Strawhun’s condolence statement on Facebook. See more information below.

Daniel Strawhun: Who Was He?

Another young guy has passed away in unexplained circumstances, and the police are either unable to find any leads or unwilling to share any information in order to calm public anxiety. They disappear first, then their bodies are found.

Too many men have vanished and subsequently shown up dead; it may just be a coincidence. However, they are all essentially the same age and there are far too many of them.

Daniel Strawhun Is Missed

He was last seen there with his friend Lucio, also known as Smoke, in Galena Park. Houston, Texas, was the hometown of Daniel Strawhun.

Texas Missing Persons Cases

3,292 new cases of missing adults were recorded in Harris County alone in 2021, compared to 4,143 in the 14-county Houston-Galveston region. According to NamUs, more than 600,000 people disappear in the United States each year (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System). Between 89 and 92 percent of persons who go missing are discovered each year, either alive or dead.

Numerous factors, including mental illness, poor communication, miscommunication, misadventure, domestic violence, and becoming a victim of crime, can result in someone being missing. Every missing occurrence entails certain inherent risks, but some demographic groups are well-known.

Daniel Strawhun

Image credit- the local report

Tributes On Social Media

News from Grizzy’s Hood Posted, I just spoke with a member of Daniel Strawhun’s family. Daniel expired. No information is currently available. Please remember to pray for his family and close friends. He and his family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers, as well as his friends.

Hutch, Dub Posted, People need to be aware of the impact their lifestyle choices have on others.

The majority of murders are caused by the individuals you hang out with, and they either have ill intentions or want what you have, so be careful who you choose to surround yourself with.

Theodora Strawhun Posted,

His babies need him right away, so bring him home. If this were typical for him, he would have at least been in touch with my mother by now. He was last observed in Galena Park with his pal Lucio, better known as Smoke. Daniel Strawhun.


1. Who was Daniel Strawhun?

A. He was a young man of Texas who went missing and now found dead.

2. How did Daniel Strawhun died?

A. Unknown

3. What was his Nationality?


4. How old was Daniel Strawhun?

A. 31 years old

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