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Danny Kaleikini Die: The Legendary Musician Died At The Age Of 85

Danny Kaleikini
Image credit- Hawaiian news

Danny Kaleikini, a well-known musician and singer in the islands who met politicians and celebrities throughout the course of his long career and was widely considered as Hawaii’s “ambassador of aloha,” has died.

How Danny Kaleikini Died?

Danny Kaleikini, a singer, guitarist, showroom performer, actor, and recording artist, is referred to as the “Ambassador of Aloha” and lives by the philosophy “Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi,” which means “Love is where you find it.”

On January 6, 2023, he died away quietly at St. Francis Hospice in Nuuanu. He was 85. His business partner Linda Wong confirmed his passing this morning.

Twenty-five years have passed since Danny Kaleikini last entertained guests at The Kahala from all around the world. We are dedicating our front drive in his honour this evening. May his reputation as Hawaii’s Aloha Ambassador endure forever.

Cause Of Death Of Danny Kaleikini

The community is inconsolable after learning the cause of death of Danny Kaleikini.

His family said he died peacefully on Friday morning at St. Francis Hospice, where local musicians from Hawaii had gathered during the previous month to share their aloha and music.

Danny Kaleikini

Image credit- Hawaiian news

Apart from the fact that his death was confirmed, it is now unknown exactly what caused it, and Danny Kaleikini’s actual cause of death was not disclosed either.

Who Was Danny Kaleikini?

American singer, musician, and performer Danny “Kaniela” Kaleikini was also an entertainment. The Kahala Hilton in Hawaii, where he played for 28 years, is where he spent the majority of his time living and earning the moniker “The Ambassador of Aloha.”

Over the course of his more than 50-year career in the entertainment industry, he shared the stage alongside Sammy Davis Jr., Wayne Newton, Dolly Parton, Phyllis McGuire, and Don Ho at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as Paul Anka’s opening act.

Early Years

Kaleikini was raised in Papakolea, Honolulu, where she was born. His ancestry included Italian, Chinese, Irish, Chinese, and Hawaiian native. His father, Danny Kaleikini Sr., worked in the Hawaii National Guard and picked up trash for the City and County of Honolulu.

His mother, Margie, was a cocktail waitress at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Kaleikini was raised by his mother and grandmother, who were both fluent in both Hawaiian and English.


Danny Kaleikini received numerous honours and recognitions over the course of his life, including: induction into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame in 2016, an honorary doctorate from the University of Hawaii in 1991, and the designation of “Hawaii’s Ambassador of Aloha” by Governor John Waihee in 1988.


1. Who was Danny Kaleikini?

A. He was a Legendary Musician

2. What was his Nationality?

A. Hawaii

3. How old was Danny Kaleikini?

A. 85 years old

4. What happened to Danny Kaleikini?

A. He died due to illness

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