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Darren Wall, ex-boxer and a British drugs boss, was arrested along with his newly-wedded wife

Darren Wall, ex-boxer and a British drugs boss, was arrested along with his newly-wedded wife

A ruthless British narcotics lord risks a lifelong prison term in the Philippines for leading a mafia’s ‘reign of fear’ in Manila that used a system of crooked cops and bureaucrats. As per authorities in Manila, former boxer Darren Wall, aged 44, renowned as ‘Jack’ because of the Union Jack inking on his back, commanded a vicious gang involved in the abduction, blackmail, narcotics smuggling, and arms trafficking.

The East End scoundrel relocated to the Philippines’ capital five years ago, where he now lives in a luxurious home in the Better Living gated neighborhood. He just wedded Khanary Jane Abejo, an attractive ex-bar-girl half his age. 

Darren Wall, ex-boxer, was arrested along with his newly-wedded wife

Darren Wall, ex-boxer, was arrested along with his newly-wedded wife

Darren Wall was charged with battery and displaying a pistol in a bar in Manila’s Poblacion red-light area the other week, and the pair has been detained. He was caught carrying a 9mm Beretta handgun and 6 grammes of cocaine, as per investigators. He was apprehended by six cops.

Authorities discovered a plethora of damaging proof against him and his crew shortly after he had been imprisoned, including Surveillance recordings of him savagely physically abusing individuals who failed to pay him ransom money. Five Philippine National Police officials, up to the rank of Major, are now being examined for allegedly being on Wall’s employment and so making him feel “invincible” from the authorities.

When word of Darren Wall’s capture spread, authorities received a barrage of contacts from more witnesses prepared to testify, take comfort in the fact that he was now not protected by the corrupt cops. Darren Wall’s early criminal career in the UK became less profitable in contrast to his existence as a drug kingpin in Manila.

He made news in the United Kingdom nine years ago while he and two other robbers botched an ATM robbery in Gloucestershire. Following the theft of the money dispensers, getaway driver Darren Wall crashed his car into a hole, trapping himself and one partner inside. The group’s commander, Darren Wall, from east London, was sentenced to four years in prison after confessing to trying to rob a cash register from a garage in 2012. 

He is scheduled to appear in court soon this year on allegations of drug peddling and possessing an unlicensed gun, and if found guilty, he might be transported to New Bilibid Prison, the worlds largest and most packed jail infamous for its inhumane facilities. His wife,  Khanary, on the other hand, is charged with “defying the authorities” and might be freed in a matter of weeks.

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