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David Crosby: The Rock Legend Died At The Age Of 81

David Crosby
Image credit- Us Magazine

David Crosby, a pioneering singer-songwriter whose work with The Byrds and later Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young broadened the scope of rock music, passed away on Thursday, according to his publicist.

What Happened To David Crosby?

He was 81. His publicist told AFP that he had passed away, citing a family member, but did not give an explanation. Jan Dance, the singer’s wife, had disclosed to the media site Variety that Crosby passed away after a protracted illness.

“Even though he is no longer among us, his kindness and humanism will serve as a constant example for us. His great songs will live on to perpetuate his legacy “Hear what his wife had to say.

Music Legend

“To everyone who knew David and the people he impacted, peace, love, and harmony. He will be sorely missed.”

David Crosby

Image credit- Us Magazine

The two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was a prolific artist throughout his life. He was known for his unconventional guitar tunings, lush harmonies, and abstract lyrics as well as for his pacifist activism, brutal honesty, and living dangerously.

The vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter at the fore of countercultural rock wrote a wide range of poignant ballads and razor-edged bangers throughout the course of his six decades in the music business.

“Terrifying Void”

When Crosby was a member of The Byrds, they became famous after covering Bob Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” and going on to produce timeless singles like “Turn! Turn! Turn!”

The supergroup was formed when Graham Nash joined the other two. It quickly became successful thanks to the singles “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” and “Our House,” which Nash wrote while residing with Joni Mitchell in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

The best-known version of the group, which included Neil Young at some point, produced some of the biggest singles of the 1960s, including Ohio.

Young and Nash had a history of fighting, but Nash was the first to respond when he learned of Crosby’s passing, expressing “deep and profound regret” and praising his “wonderful music” and “great legacy.”

‘”A Real Treasure”

Crosby battled drug addiction and several health issues for years before finally getting sober and receiving a liver transplant, keeping only his love of marijuana.


1. Who was David Crosby?

A. He was a guitarist, songwriter and singer

2. What was his profession?

A. Singer

3. What was David Crosby Nationality?

A. American

4. How old was David Crosby?

A. 81 years old

5. What happened to David Crosby?

A. He died due to illness

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