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Death case of Tamer Shaarawy: Murder suspected dies at Rikers Island

Tamer Shaarawy

According to New York City, development is also known male died on Rikers Island, trying to make him the sixth prisoner to die in detention since the commencement of the year and the third this month. In connection with the home invasion murder of a person named Tamer Shaarawy, the accused murderer was detained at the problematic jail complex on accusations of murder and robbery. 

Details about Tamer Shaarawy: 

A woman charged with his death posted a memorial film of the two of them working out on social media just weeks after he was gunned down in his Staten Island paradise. On December 16, Tamer Shaarawy, 38, was assassinated. 

He was discovered with a gunshot wound to the shoulder at his residence just after 1:30 a.m. by first responders. He was declared deceased after being carried to the hospital. Tamer Shaarawy got shot during a “home invasion robbery,” according to the NYPD. Two male suspects were initially believed, but a man and a woman were eventually detained. 

Some Recent Reports: 

A video shows Reuter paying tribute to the guy she’s suspected of murder. According to the Staten Island Advance, Reuter reportedly said on Instagram on December 19: “Rest in paradise Tamer.” Shaarawy looks to be helping Reuter with a weight lifting exercise in the video underneath the text. According to the article, the footage was reportedly taken in Shaarawy’s basement. As per the given records and studies, Shaarawy was the father of two of his children. 

He loved his children so much that he mentioned them in every place. His children are known to be his priority, and he doesn’t want anything except them. Also, he displayed the photograph of himself and his two young kids, who he loves the most, on social networking sites just some days before he met his death. Shaarawy captioned the photograph as all he needs in his life is his kids, and that is all. According to the Daily News, Shaarawy’s murder was the first in the 123rd Precinct of Long Island in 2019. According to authorities from the New York Department of Correction, Morton and Reuter are now in detention. The next court appearance for Reuter is scheduled for March 7. 

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