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Deborah Lundstrom, a daycare operator, was arrested after an infant dies in her care

Deborah Lundstrom, a daycare operator

A daycare owner in southern Missouri is facing many felonies after a toddler died after she reportedly left the victim and eight other small kids home alone with no one to look after them. As per a press statement from the Springfield Police Department, the child was alone in a car seat by Deborah Lundstrom, the 47-year-old daycare owner. The location of the automobile seat is yet unknown to the public. Parents of the children are furious and have made several strict demands of punishment for the accused, Deborah Lundstrom. 

Deborah Lundstrom supposedly went out of her house for around 12 minutes to conduct a collection at Hillcrest High School, abandoning the nine children in her care alone, according to authorities. As per police, she put a newborn, as well as numerous additional kids, in car seats and left.

Deborah revealed to the officers that her 18-year-old daughter had been at the facility at the time of the incident. But the officers discovered that the daughter went to a nearby park to meet her boyfriend and was not at home at the time of the unfortunate accident.

If found guilty, Deborah Lundstrom can be charged with first-degree involuntary manslaughter, first-degree endangering the welfare of a child resulting in death, eight instances of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child, and running a child care center without a license.

The medical examiner did a postmortem, which found that the infant died of asphyxiation, with the medical expert claiming that the car seat belt could have hindered the child’s breathing. The infant boy did not appear to have died as a result of an attack, per the doctors performing the postmortem. As per court documents, Deborah is being held on a $100,000 bail and has yet to be assigned a lawyer.

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