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Declan Grant, the killer of Darren Munnelly, regretted his crime in the new documentary

Declan Grant, the killer of Darren Munnelly, regretted his crime in the new documentary

Declan Grant believes that after being arrested for the death of 46-year-old Darren Munnelly, he “should really have remained in.” Within the Force: 24/7, an eight-part Channel 5 documentary that brings audiences behind the operations of Lincolnshire Authorities, will air the episode tonight. It shows how cops and personnel at the South Park Police Headquarters in Lincoln go about their jobs.

The first chapter centers on the brutal death of Darren Munnelly, a 46 years old man, who was discovered in the early hours of Sunday, July 26, 2021, with severe wounds. Declan Grant, the 22 year old assailant, pleaded guilty to charges of Darren Munnelly’s murder on December 23, 2021.

Declan Grant, the killer of Darren Munnelly, regretted his crime in the new documentary

Who is Darren Munnelly?

Darren Munnelly was a well-known local philanthropist and dad of two children. Declan Grant assaulted him in the early hours of the morning in Lincoln on July 25, 2021, and he died as a result of his wounds. Declan Grant, aged 22, murdered Darren Munnelly as he got back home after bringing his mom to the theatre for a retirement gift.

After assaulting and murdering the beloved Lincoln gentleman on Carr Street in 2021, Darren Grant confessed to murdering Darren Munnelly. Just recently, Darren Grant was sentenced to six years and six months’ imprisonment. Out from the beginning, the new documentary chronicles this situation.

Darren Munnelly was found at a residence on Carr Road in Lincoln and taken away in an ambulance, but he succumbed to death soon after. Upon his terrible demise, family members and associates equally paid respect to the man who was regarded as “one in a million.” The judge noted that Darren Munnelly had spent most of the night before his terrible demise “spoiling” his mom by inviting her to the theatre as a retiring gift.

He was also a die-hard Manchester United supporter who enjoyed playing billiards with his son Sean. His relatives praised him as “very giving and attentive to others,” and he completed Go Sober in October 2017 to earn £1,500 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Why did Darren Grant kill Darren Munnelly?

Darren Munnelly was murdered by Darren Grant just after the married father-of-two requested him to stop screaming in the public. On July 25, after midnight, Darren Grant retorted by hitting Munnelly twice in the head and leaving him down on the sidewalk in Carr Street, Lincoln.

Munnelly was knocked unconscious by the second punch, and despite the attempts of his friends that would save him, he died of internal bleeding in his brain. Darren Grant was originally accused of murder, but the Crown Prosecution Service adopted his plea agreement to manslaughter. In January, he was imprisoned. 

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