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Dennis Sanchez accused Ricky Martin 50 of Sharing a $exual relationship with a 21-year-old Nephew.

Dennis Sanchez accused Ricky Martin 50 of Sharing a $exual relationship with a 21-year-old Nephew

Dennis Sanchez accuses his uncle called him repeatedly and begging him to have $ex with him. Ricky Roamed around his house and had unnatural $ex with Dennis for 7 months.

Is Ricky Martin Singer will be booked for Rape and Incest?

The popular singer Ricky martin is an alleged pervert who manipulated young Dennis into a $exual relationship. Nephew Dennis has exposed Ricky MArtin’s filthy act of having $ex with a 21-year-old male Nephew. Nephew Dennis claims Ricky abused Dennis $exually and mentally, physically during 7 months of $exual relations.

Dennis finally got tired and broke the relationship two months ago. as expected Singer Ricky’s Lawyer has strongly condemned the accusations and call them lies and filthy disgusting accusations.

Court has ordered a restraining order against Ricky:

Ricky was already facing a tough time with the law since last month. the court ordered a restraining order against a singer in Puerto Rico in a domestic violence case. victim’s identity is secret as per court orders. martin’s brother Eric has confirmed the alleged victim is Nephew Dennis Sanchez. Spanish media has verified the news. Court has ordered Ricky to not contact Dennis through any means as the victim is scared of his safety.

Who is 21-year-old Dennis Sanchez who slept with his uncle for 7  months?

Singer Martin’s stepsister gave birth to a  boy 21 years ago. the boy was named Dennis. Dennis asked the Puerto Rico court to announce a restraining order against Ricky as he roams around his house to have $ex with him as he had for 7 months. El Vocero A Puerto Rico Newspaper has confirmed all these details. Latin newspaper confirmed uncle and nephew had $ex for 7 years before something went wrong between both of them. maybe a family member caught them doing dirty stuff and Dennis pressed charges against his lover and uncle Ricky to save his dignity. Police have not launched an investigation into the matter and intention of Dennis.

Dennis claims after the breakup Ricky got thirstier for $ex with his 21-year-old male nephew and kept roaming around his house at least three times to convince Dennis to have more intercourse with him. Dennis was scared and reported to the police. Ricky also lost his control and in the pain of separation from the boy, he started drinking heavily and resorted to heavy drugs.

The lawyer of Ricky martin has denied all allegations and he said the cousin and uncle never slept together. where the world has come to!

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