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Deone Mckinney dies in Lethal motorbike accident

Deone Mckinney dies in Lethal motorbike accident

The Tennessee Highway patrol says in a bike crash one victim has died and two others are severely hurt.

THP confirmed that the accident occurred on Wednesday around 4 PM. It happened on a road that is filled with many twists and turns. locals call it “the dragon”

Ryan Deville, from Carlsbad, New Mexico, and Deone McKinney, from Dayton, Texas, we’re riding a motorcycle together according to the highway patrol.

Who was Deone McKinney and how did she die?

Deone McKinney was a resident of Texas and she reached her death while enjoying a bike ride in Tennessee.

The THP probe confirms that they were on route 129. As Deville passed a curve and was trying to get into the middle lane. The bike got imbalanced. a pickup truck coming right behind the biker and due to the sudden fall of bike, he met with the bike. he did try to pull the brakes but by then it was too late. Both the riders were thrown into a deep ditch. Both of them like responsible riders were wearing helmets but Mckinney passed away and Deville was injured. People in other vehicles are completely safe.

Deone Mckinney dies in Lethal motorbike accident

Deone McKinney motorbike crash:

The Biker met an accident with a Toyota truck  on Friday, June 17, 2022.

Deone dies because she could not sustain injuries from the accident.

THP has not filed a charge on other rider yet. It is tragic that he lost his girlfriend, she died and he also faced injuries yet he might have to face jail time.

The Dragon is a tourist attraction but that does not make it any less dangerous. It looks like the tail of a dragon. race car enthusiasts and bike riders visit this road consistently.

Deone Mckinney age:

Her official age is not confirmed yet but she was a student in Chanelviews high school class of 1995. There isn’t much information about her life available on the Internet yet.

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