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 Deputy Austin Derek Aldridge loved for smile and bravery has passed away. Colleagues remember in the Funeral service

Austin Derek

Spartanburg County Deputy Austin Derek Aldridge’s funeral will be live-streamed. It will be held at 4 p.m. Sunday at The Church at the Mill, 4455 Anderson Mill Road, in Moore.

 Burial will take place in presence of the North Carolina Highway Patrol Honors Team and Caisson. The place of burial will be Westwood Memorial Gardens, 6101 Reidville Road, in Moore.

The Funeral will be a private service for close ones & colleagues.

Aldridge, 25. was injured by a bullet on duty. He reached on crime spot after a domestic disturbance call was made to the police. Aldridge was a good football player he graduated from Wren High school in Anderson county.

Service excerpts from Austin Derek Aldridge’s funeral:

“We are thankful that He has overcome evil with goodness…darkness with light,” Bradley said in his prayer. “You overcame death with eternal life.”

Eulogy: Reverend Bill Morris

5:05 p.m. | Reverend Bill Morris from Lyman First Baptist Church gave the eulogy.

“You knew, behind that smiling face, there was a wall that stood between you and whatever harm may come your way,” Morris said about Aldridge.

Aldridge was known as a non-selfish man who was always ready to perform his duty.

Pastor Emphasized that a Christian doesn’t go to heaven because of his deeds but rather his faith. He also told them that at the end of the day crowd will forget about all of it.

Colleague Sheriff Chuck wrights emotional speech:

Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright was deeply grieved and he said he will remember only good things about Aldridge and he will try to forget the day he was killed.

 Deputy Austin Derek Aldridge loved for smile and bravery has passed away

Austin Derek will remember Altridge’s smile.

Wright said grief is what is left of our loved ones and we have to grieve.

Despite the loss of Aldridge the police department will not feel lost and will keep doing service to the City.

Wright concluded his speech with some sentimental words and hope to see him in the afterlife.

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