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Did Instagram influencer Alonzo Howard die? fans are shocked as rumours fly

Alonzo Howard

Fans are worried after the news of Instagram star Alonzo Howard passing away in an accident swept the internet. Fans want to verify the news because of so much fake news in the market.

Alonzo made his name with Dubsmash and a dancing challenge video on Instagram reels. Howard loved sports and he played many popular American sports like Football, boxing and basketball later he chose Instagram as his passion and career.

people loved his witty posts and creative dancing skills. that gave him a direction to become a star. many years ago in 2016, he had so many followers and he became a successful star on the internet with his simple skills.

He was going through something or experimenting with social media, he deactivated his popular Instagram account in 2019.

Is Alonzo Howard targeted or did he die naturally?

There are many claims and rumours of his death doing rounds on social media. there is no conclusive evidence to prove he is no more. He is well and alive as per our report. this news must give relief to so many social media fans who must have felt anxious after hearing rumours.

Alonzo’s family has not confirmed any accident and they have maintained silence in this serious matter. if there would have been something wrong they must have uploaded a post related to the matter.

Alonzo Howard

He was also a host of an online radio show called teen talk. he wanted to give space to intelligent teens on social media and understand their problems.

Where is Alonzo Howard now?

He has a good family with 5 siblings. he shares a home with his family in St. Petersburg, Florida.

He was born in Florida on April 14, 2000, which means he is only 22 years old and already a social media star.

Alonzo Howard’s relationship status:

he had a son at the age of 16 with a girl named lamg0ldiecurls. He broke up with her at 17 and currently focusing on his career.

he has over 600000 followers on Instagram. there are many fan pages and fake pages attributed to Alonzo Howard.

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